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RECAP: WWE NXT – June 24, 2020

The June 24th installment of WWE NXT was quite the spectacle.

Photo: WWE

The latest episode of WWE NXT started out with Robert Stone and Rhea Ripley having a “golden ticket” conversation. Stone was practically begging Ripley to join his stable of wrestlers. She not-so-kindly declined the offer before literally throwing Stone into a dumpster. Aliyah, Stone’s client, came to his aid. She pushed back and slapped Ripley before cowering away while Ripley informed her they now have a match tonight.

For the first match of the night, representing El Hijo Del Fantasma, Santos Escobar squared off against Jake Atlas. Atlas, a friend of Drake Maverick, is making his case and standing up for Maverick after what happened last week. It was a back-and-forth match but Escobar got a leg-up. Unfortunately for Escobar, multiple two-counts and two submissions were broken by Atlas. A few big slams and some high-flying moves from Atlas were not good enough to lock in a win. The former Luchador wins.

Next on the card was Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter facing off against Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. Kai and Gonzalez have been wreaking havoc in the women’s tag team division and it didn’t stop there. However, there were a series of two-counts and dominance until Gonzalez manhandled Catanzaro. A huge one-handed power bomb, a tag to her partner Kai, and a submission lock finished the match.

After that match, Karrion Kross will take on Bronson Reed. Reed starts out strong, absolutely whooping Kross. There were back-and-forth right hands by each competitor until Reed gained the advantage. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. It was a win by Kross. However, a minor win for Reed, actually putting up a fight against one of the most dangerous superstars in the brand is more than impressive.

We’ve moved on to Aliyah and Ripley now. Aliyah immediately tried to escape but was caught. Ripley is now dominating, but Aliyah manages to escape this time. Ripley continued to dominate, but Aliyah managed to escape a pin. Stone, from ringside, threw his shoe at Ripley, pissing her off. She chased him around before turning her attention back to Aliyah and locking in a win.

Following the match, the terrifying Dexter Lumis wrestles Roderick Strong. Strong has literally been terrified of Lumis for a long time now, so his first move of the match is to escape ringside. Lumis won via count-out without blinking or breaking a sweat.

Now for the main event! Finn Balor, Keith Lee, and Johnny Gargano face off in a triple threat. This match is for the NXT North American championship. The winner of this match will face Adam Cole in a double belt match at a later date. Balor and Gargano both have been mercilessly double-teaming Lee, trying to slow down the big guy. Lee, with no remaining energy, threw the other competitors across the ring. Balor managed to knock Lee down once, but both Balor and Gargano needed to work together in order to take Lee out of commission momentarily. Balor and Gargano managed to make this a singles match for the time being, but it won’t be enough until Lee returns. Lee goes high-flying to take out both Balor and Gargano. Everyone was on the ground ringside. They all made their way back into the ring to bask in Keith Lee’s glory. Lee wins and earns a double belt shot to finish off this episode of NXT.

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