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Beer Review: 18th Street Brewery – Deal With The Devil

18th Street Brewery’s Deal With The Devil Pale Ale is 8.5% ABV and ridiculously smooth.

On tap tonight we have Deal With The Devil brewed by 18th Street Brewery in Hammond, Indiana. I’ve had a few of their beers and they have always been good. Described as a Pale Ale on the can, I have passed over this one several times, even with the Baphomet calling out for me to partake. This time I was chatting with a team member at Binny’s and he recommended this one and let me know it was actually 8.5% ABV. Wait what? Clearly this is not simply a pale ale.

Deal With The Devil pours a lovely clear amber hue with a dense inch of foam that leaves a decent amount of lacing. I am getting the typical tropical aromas that you would expect out of a NE IPA. The taste follows suit with tropical notes that tend to hit more on the back end leaving a nice aftertaste. It’s not very bitter at all but I think that’s what they were going for, hence why they labeled it a pale ale.

This beer is ridiculously smooth. I think the name matches the beer because you could easily slam a whole four-pack ($11.99), but that 8.5% is going to sneak up on you. I would describe this beer as a double NE IPA that is a little on the light side. Personally I prefer my beers a little stronger, but I feel like a lot of you would absolutely love this beer.

Happy Drinking!

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