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BREAKING: Marquee Sports Network and Comcast Agree to Deal

Marquee Sports Network and Comcast strike a deal at the 12th hour.

Marquee Sports Network Comcast XFinity
Photo: WREX

Marquee Sports Network and Comcast officially agreed to a deal early this morning, as announced by Josh Liss on Twitter.

For those Cubs fans just waking up, turn your channel to 202. It actually works; I don’t believe it.

Marquee and Comcast have been negotiating for most of 2020 but were never able to solidify a deal. The network launched without 52% of the market being able to absorb the new Cubs content. After the suspension of the season in March, both parties tabled discussions and did not re-kindle talks until the end of June.

However, after many headaches, angry voices on social media, and nerves from 52% of the Chicago market, Marquee Sports Network and Comcast finally have a deal in place. Cubs fans can breathe easily now knowing they’ll be able to watch their beloved Cubs for the full 60-game sprint in 2020.


Work as an accountant by day. Huge Chicago sports fan. Played college football and only wish I could skate well enough to play hockey. Twitter: @rnldluce Instagram: @rnldluce

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