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Beer Review: Heretic – Evil Cousin

Mild on taste but heavy on ABV, Heretic’s Evil Cousin double IPA is an easy-drinking beer.

Today’s beer is Evil Cousin by Heretic Brewing Company out west in Fairfield, California. After a quick visit to Google Maps, it looks like Fairfield is about halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. I think I had one beer from Heretic before, and it was also named Evil something so this must be a line of theirs. I grabbed this beer mainly because it’s a double IPA at 8.0% ABV and a six-pack of this was only $10.99 at Binny’s.

Evil Cousin has that classic IPA look — basically what any light beer looks like but with some added pigmentation. When poured, it also had a very nice creamy inch of foam but without much aroma. After having a sip, I see why there is not much aroma, because there’s also not all that much taste going on. There are mostly mild floral notes with a touch of piney hops on the back end. The mouthfeel is medium with a creamy finish.

By no means is Evil Cousin a “bad” beer, but it does leave much to be desired. On a positive note, it is a very easy drinker and I don’t regret purchasing it. If you wanted to slam a whole six-pack of a stronger beer, this would get the job done. Also, if you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to craft beers and want to try something different, this would also be a good one to venture into. I’ll give Evil Cousin a 7.2/10.

Happy Drinking!

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