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Bears See ‘Whole New Player’ In Mitchell Trubisky

Key quotes from within the Chicago Bears’ organization could spark optimism about fourth-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Photo: Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Outside of Halas Hall, many aren’t sure what to expect out of fourth year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky this season. Can he win the much hyped quarterback competition with newcomer Nick Foles? Can he improve his mechanics and develop his deep ball? Many of these questions will have to wait for an answer. All we can do is listen to coaches and players discuss the polarizing quarterback to help paint a clearer picture.

Cordarrelle Patterson

Chicago Bears wide receiver/running back Cordarrelle Patterson has never been shy to speak his mind. Not only is he one of the best follows in Bears Twitter, but he’s also a player who’s caught footballs from quarterbacks Tom Brady and Derek Carr. Patterson has seen what it takes for a quarterback to play at a high level in this league. When asked if teammate Mitchell Trubisky looks any different from last year, this is what he had to say:

“He actually looks like a whole new player. I see it in his eyes. I feel like he’s being more of a leader. Last year I didn’t feel like he was that guy. Now he’s taking over.”

Cordarrelle Patterson on Mitchell Trubisky

It would seem as though Trubisky has shown a certain sense of control inside the huddle and the locker room. While Patterson has become a fan favorite due to his playmaking ability on special teams, one could assume his voice in the locker room as an NFL veteran carries weight. Those are the type of people Mitchell should be happy to have in his corner.

Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy has spent large portions of the offseason answering questions related to the quarterback room. Just when you think you’ve heard the same generic answer to every question, he gives a sneak peek behind the curtain. When asked if Trubisky is better in 2020 after limited practices, Nagy went on to say this:

“I think so. We don’t have enough right now. … We need to see more. I can’t give you a fair statement or opinion. … I’d ask for a little bit more time on that with him.”

Matt Nagy on Mitchell Trubisky

Coach Nagy also addressed the rumor that he’s seen issues with Trubisky’s mechanics. Matt stated that he doesn’t have an issue with Mitch looking to improve his mechanics, but he’s never seen issues with them during Mitch’s time in the league. Via Jason Leiser of the Chicago Sun-Times, Nagy also discussed Trubisky’s approach to the current quarterback battle:

“Whatever he’s doing, there’s just a great intention for him right now to play quarterback the best that he can and not worry about anything else. Mitch right now is in a place mentally that I really just feel like is really good. I like where he’s at.”

Matt Nagy

Take It As You Will

With camp at Halas Hall making it difficult to see players in action, it’s hard to say for sure whether or not any of these quotes can be taken as law. Without a preseason or fan attendance at camp, we can only expect so much about camp battles to leak, which is a shame. The more clips like this that come out, the more fans will be willing to share in the excitement.

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