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RECAP: WWE Summerslam – August 23, 2020

Catch up on all the storylines and highlights from WWE Summerslam on 8/23/20.

WWE Summerslam
Photo: WWE

Summerslam is the first pay-per-view inside of the new Thunderdome with a full capacity stadium via fans over Zoom. The Summerslam pre-show kicked off with Apollo Crews retaining his United States Championship Title in a singles match over MVP. However, the main card started with Bayley facing Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s Championship Title.

Asuka had Bayley’s card from the get-go by overpowering her and just plain old outwrestling her. That was the story of the match for a good while. Inevitably, the tables did turn in favor of Bayley. A good old fashioned back-and-forth was the story of the match until a series of distractions by Bayley’s best friend, Sasha. After the third time, the distraction paid off and Bayley retained her title. Her title reign is now on 318 plus days.

Next to appear on the show was Kevin Owens. Owens sat ringside and joined commentary during the Tag Team Championship match between the champions, the Street Profits, and the challengers, Angel Garza and Andrade.

Andrade and Montez Ford of the Street Profits kick the match off. The bout started off hot with Ford running the show until a move ringside proved to be costly. Andrade and Garza were taking turns beating up on Ford, who is being contained well enough to not be able to get a tag into his partner. A sleek and evasive move by Ford finally allowed him to jump to his corner and tag partner Dawkins. Dawkins started hot off of the tag but barely avoided the three count on a dirty pin. Andrade and Garza’s manager, Zelina Vega, was tossed off the apron while trying to distract the referee. Andrade went to check on her and the Street Profits took advantage with a double team and locked in the pin to retain their titles.

Next was a women’s singles match between Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. The match was no-disqualification and it may not be for a title, but the stipulation is that the loser leaves WWE. Deville started strong but that momentum didn’t last long. Rose, now in control, is now under the ring looking for weapons. After a separate fight with a table, Rose rejoins Deville, being met at the top of a steel chair. After a lengthy submission, Rose breaks out and fights off Deville, where they head back out ringside. A few dodged chairs and a huge kick occurred but Rose is back down. A finisher and a knee to the head determines this match. Mandy Rose is joined by Otis in the ring to celebrate the win and the saving of her job in the WWE. With “Raw Underground” on the up and up, it seems as if Deville would fit perfectly in the Fight Club sort of scene.

Seth Rollins then faced Dominik Mysterio in a street fight. Rollins started the disrespect game immediately. Rollins made his way to the ring in a knock off outfit of what Rey Mysterio wore at Halloween Havoc in 1997. Dominik made his father, the great Rey Mysterio, promise not to interfere in the match. Dominik had a couple of good spurts but inexperience and fighting out of pure anger doesn’t work out too well in a match against a decorated veteran like Rollins. Dominik painted Rollins with blood using the brush of a kendo stick. A frog splash and a million other opportunities wasted. Rollins managed to handcuff Rey to the rope, and made him watch while he delivered the final stomp to Dominik. Dominik put up a hell of a fight but just came up short. Rollins delivered a huge boot to put the nail in the coffin. An impressive debut match for Dominik, a loss to be proud of.

Asuka then made her way out to the ring for the second time. Asuka will now take on Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship Title. Just like the Bayley match, Asuka started hot with tables eventually turning in Sasha’s direction. A plethora of ringside fighting had these superstars hurt and tired. A missile drop-kick off of the top rope made everyone think it was over. More back-and-forth fighting and submission locks took place. Where Sasha helped out Bayley with distractions, Bayley did not reciprocate and it cost Sasha. Asuka locked in the Asuka lock and that is all she wrote. Asuka is the new Raw Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Next on the card, Drew McIntyre faced Randy Orton. Orton started this match like most, running away from the competitor. The match, like most, was very back-and-forth. Both men bleeding from the face, a plethora of missed finishers by Orton, and some hearty submission locks. Just as McIntyre was ready to lock in his win, Orton pulled the referee away from the lock, poked McIntyre in the eye, and escaped. A boatload of momentum following the dirty move kept McIntyre in control. Before too long, Orton was the man in control. Some DDTs failed to hit, and wait for it, McIntyre is back in control. A backslide pin calls this match with McIntyre on top.

For the main event, the Fiend took on Braun Strowman in a falls count anywhere match. The match started with Braun running straight through the Fiend. There were tables, steel steps, and literally anything the giant could use as a weapon in play. The two started making their way up the entrance ramp. Strowman started literally throwing the Fiend into walls and video boards. The Fiend got up like it was nothing. Powerslams and weapons followed but neither man was phased. Strowman left the ring, grabbed a box cutter knife, and started cutting up the ring to expose the wood under the mat. The Fiend snuck up from behind and used Braun’s idea against him, resulting in a Fiend win over Strowman.

Immediately after the match, Roman Reigns made a dramatic return, hitting both men with spears to finish off the night with an even bigger bang than anyone expected.

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