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5 EDM Mixes to Close Out Your Summer With

Five DJ mixes you should have on your playlist to close out summer the right way.

EDM Mixes
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been an unconventional summer for music. All major festivals that usually take place annually during this time period have been canceled. Artists have postponed countless shows. The club scene hasn’t been nearly as prevalent due to coronavirus-related closures and limited capacity requirements.

Just like the rest of society, the music scene has had to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. While live shows in front of audiences have been halted, DJs have gotten creative in filling the void. There has been a major uptick in exclusive mixes, virtual rave live streams, and special radio show episodes from artists all around the world.

I have tuned in to copious hours of mixes to fill the live music void throughout the summer, so I’m here to share five of them that you should have on your playlist to close down summer the right way.

1. DJ Hova: Labor Day Mix 2020 – The Jersey Shore’s “End of the Summer” Pregame Mix

Here’s one to get the party started. DJ Hova created this mix specifically for the Labor Day holiday, which is widely regarded as “the unofficial end of summer”. This masterpiece incorporates several summer hits, catchy mashups, and shoutouts from fellow DJs. It’s over an hour and a half in length, so fire it up and leave the aux be while you enjoy the party.

2. Trademark – The Pregame Series (June 043)

Near the end of every month, I always look forward to Trademark releasing a ‘Pregame Series’ mix. He has a knack for blending all the hot tunes from that month into an enjoyable 20-minute to an hour-long party playlist. While you can’t go wrong with seemingly any month’s mix, the June edition takes the cake so far in 2020. Cookin’ On 3 Burners vs. Lenno’s ‘Mind Made Up’, Galantis’s ‘Only A Fool’, The Him’s ‘Tragic’, and Morgan Page’s ‘Addict’ will help you hang on to the last of those summer vibes.

3. Kim Kaey – SLAM! Summermix 2020

If you didn’t know Kim Kaey’s name previously, you better engrave it into your brain right now. Her tunes encompass a tech house vibe with piano chords aplenty. Her latest single, ‘Loving U’, came out just last Friday and it already sits atop my fall playlist. This SLAM! Summermix is the perfect soundtrack to accompany the last of your outdoor summer activities.

4. DJ Press Play – Friday Beers LickMix Vol. 1 ft. DJ Hova

Friday Beers has taken the internet by storm over the past eight months or so. The popular Instagram page, which just hit one million followers not too long ago, has evolved from simply posting video edits about hitting the sauce after a long work week to a full-blown brand with a cast of characters symbolic of the types of people that seemingly every friend group has.

One of those characters is ‘DJ Press Play’, who in their own words is “the aux master”. That “DJ” always has the best songs — or ‘Tasy Licks’ as they’ve dubbed them — ready to go at a moment’s notice. This mix is jam-packed with heaters of every genre, so queue it up and be the DJ Press Play of your group for the end-of-summer bender.

5. Kap Slap: Quarantine Mix Vol. 14 – HOUSE Arrest 5

Kap Slap has been keeping the tunes flowing steadily ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit with his ‘Quarantine Mixes’. He features three different themes — TRAPed Inside, HOUSE Arrest, and TWERK From Home — to appeal to all types of EDM lovers. Of those subcategories, I have been digging the HOUSE Arrest mixes the most. While only 31 minutes in length, the most recent installment doesn’t lack in the banger department.

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