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REPORT: Former Bears LB Brian Urlacher Speaks Out About NBA Players Boycotting Playoff Games

Numerous former and current members of the Bears’ organization have spoken out in response to Urlacher’s comments.

Bears’ legend, Brian Urlacher, 42, posted on Instagram recently about his thoughts on the NBA Players boycotting games in association with the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Photo: Brian Urlacher Instagram

After Urlacher posted this on his story, it didn’t take long for commentary to begin, as the message was not well received by some of his former teammates.

Former Bears RB, Matt Forte

Matt Forte has been very outspoken about the social injustice issues in the world, as he took it to twitter to address the situation at hand.


Forte, mentions he “still has love and respect for 54”, he even says he finds that people can disagree on various topics, but draws the line with oppression and racism.

Former Bears WR/DB, Rashied Davis

Rashied Davis has reached out to Urlacher and has asked him for a conversation regarding his recent comments on social media.

Davis says his intentions are not to hate on Urlacher, however, he feels “betrayed”.

Former Bears OLB, Sam Acho

Sam Acho was never a teammate of Urlacher’s, but similar to Davis, hopes Urlacher is open to having a conversation.

Chicago Bears Organization

The Bears organization did not speak directly on Urlacher’s comments, but the team has released a statement regarding what took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The Bears paused all football activities to address the social injustices and racial tensions that have recently come to the surface in this country.


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