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Beer Review: Haymarket – Chicago Tavern Beer

Haymarket’s Chicago Tavern Beer packs a nice 6.1% ABV punch along with an enjoyable sweet and malty taste.

Haymarket Chicago Tavern Beer

I spotted this one at Garfield’s in Palatine. The label reading “Chicago Tavern Beer” certainly grabbed my attention. It made me instantly think of tavern-style pizza, which everyone knows is the best. It’s also a lager that has a 6.1% ABV, which is pretty hefty for the style. Haymarket Beer Company has always been solid in the past so I figured I needed to try this one out.

I poured this one mainly to check out the color of it. Typically with lagers, I like to keep it crisp and just drink it out of the can. It does have a nice rich golden color, however. It also has a nice bready smell to it. The taste follows suit with the smell. It’s sweet and malty, and maybe just a little grassy and slightly lemony.

I really like this lager. Out of the can is better than poured, and I could easily crush a whole six-pack of these. I like that it has a 6.1% ABV so it will definitely do the trick. It’s very easy to drink while still being full-bodied. This would have been a good one to have at a tailgate because you wouldn’t have to drink as many and be off to the bathroom every 20 minutes as if you were drinking light domestics. I would happily get this beer again. At $9.99 for the six-pack, this was a decent value. I would really like to see this one in a slightly better value 12-pack, but that’s just me and my iron liver.

Happy Drinking!

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