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Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest Postponed Due to Positive COVID-19 Tests

Notre Dame players have tested positive for COVID-19, halting all football activities on campus.

Photo: Notre Dame Athletics

It was announced yesterday by the Notre Dame PR Team that four players have tested positive for COVID-19. There was a total of 232 tests administered with those four returning positive, which subsequently kept the Irish off the practice field this afternoon.

Fast forward to today and 94 more tests were administered with seven positive tests. With the tests yielding more positive results, this left the Irish no choice but to postpone this Saturday’s game against Wake Forest. No date has been announced for the make-up game, and the Irish don’t have another scheduled game until October 10 when Florida State comes to town. This gives the Irish two weeks to properly quarantine, isolate, and eliminate this problem.

Wake Forest also has a bye next week, but plays every week the Irish do until the end of the season, so if I had to speculate, which I hate to do, the game would go at the end of the schedule as it will have implications for the ACC title. If the Irish can keep the virus at bay there is a possibility they play October 3, but there is no confirmation as of today.

I’m interested to see if any players from South Florida test positive, or had an issue with this before coming to play in South Bend last weekend. Players and coaches alike knew this could be an issue before the season and just a few weeks into the season, positive tests have begun to surface.

Notre Dame did the right thing by postponing practice as well as the game this Saturday, but they need to continue to make sure the players and staff members are taking the proper precautions to prevent this from happening again. This team found a great rhythm last week against South Florida, and cannot allow this small hiccup to define their season before it even starts. For now, football activities have been halted at Notre Dame as the virus has taken precedent in South Bend.

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