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BREAKING: Dak Prescott Injures Foot, Faces Immediate Surgery

The Dallas Cowboys have lost their starting quarterback.

Photo: Tim Heitman/USA-TODAY

In today’s game against the New York Giants, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott took off, attempting to gain a first down. He was tackled in an awkward way and twisted his ankle in a manner that ankles aren’t supposed to twist.

WARNING: This is graphic.

Dak was immediately carted off the field and reportedly taken straight to a local hospital.

A little while later, it was reported that Prescott was to undergo immediate surgery on his foot/ankle.

Now, what the issue is exactly is pure speculation at this time. It’s likely that there is a bone-break that is impeding on nerves or blood flow requiring surgical repair. The other likely scenario is that the ankle is completely dislocated and to reinsert the joint into socket, the doctors need to do it surgically to avoid further damage.

Either way, this doesn’t bode well for the future of the Dallas Cowboys 2020 season. Dak is most likely done for at least 6-8 weeks, if not the remainder of the season.

Prescott was on an historic pace for passing yards having already thrown for over 1,850 yards in just five games. This will be a huge loss for the Cowboys and any fantasy owners as well.

Now flipping over to the fantasy aspect of this, do you dare pick up Andy Dalton? This is his first year playing for any other team than the Bengals and, let’s be honest, he has some incredible weapons surrounding him in Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallup.

It’s worth taking a chance on Dalton if you have no viable backup. Let’s face it, you and the Cowboys could do worse.

Husband and father, Chicago (mostly) sports fan, total gym rat and geek enthusiast. I write for OnTapSportsNet and talk fantasy football on the Fantasy Hour On Tap. Gaming, movies, TV shows, books, and bodybuilding/strongman are some of my other passions. A good-tasting white ale goes well with any sporting event. #Crackum

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