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Beer Review: Wild Onion – Hop Slayer

Wild Onion Brewery’s Hop Slayer double IPA contains an even balance of bitterness and sweetness at 8.2% ABV.

Wild Onion Hop Slayer Double IPA

Today I have a beer from maybe a bit of an obscure brewery located way up in Lake Barrington called Wild Onion Brewery. I am not sure how far their distribution runs, but I have only seen them in my neck of the woods. They have some really good brews like Misfit, which is a solid IPA that is probably their most popular.

Today I am having Hop Slayer, a double IPA with an 8.2% ABV. I have had this one many times before and I feel like it used to be in a four-pack, but this time I found it in a six-pack. I am still trying to confirm it was ever in a four-pack because now I’m not so sure. Regardless, I found the six-pack at Binny’s for only $10.99, which is a solid price point.

Great name, great can design, and wonderful looking beer. I think the color and head kind of speak for themselves. Hop Slayer is not an overpowering double but rather very easy to drink a whole six-pack. Online listings tab this beer with an IBU rating of 100, but I feel like that is being pretty generous. It’s plenty hoppy but also balanced with caramel malts. I would say this one is split right down the middle at 50/50 when it comes to bitterness and sweetness, and I was able to distinguish between the two. Overall, Hop Slayer is a very enjoyable brew. If I keep seeing these in sixers, I will be getting them more often.

Happy Drinking!

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