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On Tap Bets – NFL Week 8 Edition

A rundown of four betting picks and some additional suggestions that will get your Halloween NFL action going in Week 8.

NFL Gambling Picks

Week 7 ended sadly for us thanks to the team I love, the Chicago Bears. Sunday was a great betting day, however. I hit on all three bets, hit on a boost bet (be sure to check the betting app you use for those), and made some money. The Bears took away some of that but we still went 3-2 on the article bets, bringing the record to 14-11 for the entire season. That being said, let’s win some more money.

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals

I love what I heard from Michael Lombardi when he said to bet against bad offensive lines. The Bengals line is brutally hurt, with three starters currently injured. They just added o-line depth in the Carlos Dunlap trade and signed guard Quinton Spain. However, because of COVID-19 protocols, neither of them can play this week. Needless to say, the line will be bad.

Joe Burrow will be running for his life behind a banged-up offensive line. The Titans should run the hell out of the ball, control the clock, and win by at least seven points. Let’s roll with the Titans on the points. If you can get this one at -6.5 for the Titans, hammer that.

Pick: Titans -7

Indianapolis Colts at Detroit Lions

The Lions are just a brutal team. They had absolutely no business beating the Falcons last week. Only Todd Gurley tripping on the turf monster and falling into the end zone saved them. With a close contest against the miserable Falcons, what does that mean for the boys from Detroit when they take on a good Indianapolis team?

The Colts are a very good team. In this case, I’m simply rolling with the better team and taking the boys from Indy.

Pick: Colts -3

Las Vegas Raiders at Cleveland Browns

The Raiders are 100% for real. I have discussed this with numerous friends, as well as listening to other experts discuss their play, and they are the real deal. I’m not saying the Browns are total garbage, but if the Raiders are truly a contending team, especially after beating Kansas City, they’ll come out and beat the Brownies.

I feel good about this one. I can’t believe I’m saying this to the boys in Vegas, but “JUST WIN BABY!”

Pick: Raiders +2.5

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

The Steelers are unbeaten for a reason. They’re a damn good team. The Ravens will also be without Mark Ingram as they face an incredibly strong Steelers defense. I think the Steelers have been disrespected all season and if they’re going to be 4.5-point underdogs, then I’m going to take them time and time again.

Let’s roll with the black and gold and make some cash on Sunday.

Pick: Steelers +4.5

Let’s win some money, folks! I did not put anything in here about the Bears, but of course I will stupidly pick them likely on the spread and moneyline. Follow me there if you dare. All the other aforementioned picks should bring in some winning dollars this weekend!

Also, not a part of the record here, but just for fun… a little Halloween weekend parlay for you:

  • Colts -3
  • Raiders +2.5
  • Steelers +4.5
  • Titans -7
  • Bears +5.5
  • Packers -6

Check my Twitter, @rnldluce, for additional picks and bets on the morning of the games. Good luck!

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Work as an accountant by day. Huge Chicago sports fan. Played college football and only wish I could skate well enough to play hockey. Twitter: @rnldluce Instagram: @rnldluce

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