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It’s Time to Power Stream The Office Before It Leaves Netflix

With a little more than a week left on Netflix, the time is now for one last mega session of The Office.

The Office Netflix

2020 has been a trash year. We had a sports-free dry spell that lasted long enough Seinfeld would have made a ‘The Contest‘ episode about it. Many of us had to resort to watching or rewatching shows on our streaming platform of choice.

Through it all, old reliable The Office was there for us. Not ready to dive into the madness of Tiger King? Go get lost in the offices of Dunder Mifflin. Looking for a laugh but not sure if you’ll get the “French” humor in Emily in Paris? The American humor in Scranton, PA had you covered. This brings me to one of the saddest things 2020 is taking away from us; The Office, on Netflix.

Now the show itself isn’t completely going away, it’s moving over to NBCUniversal’s Peacock network. The good news is you’ll be able to watch the show. The bad? If you don’t wanna pay anything you’ll only get seasons 1 and 2. If you want access to all of the seasons/episodes, it’ll cost you $5/month. To watch those same episodes without commercials you’ll have to pony up another $5/mo.

While there are plenty of fans who will follow the move over to Peacock, there will likely be a lot more who don’t. I know some people who LOVE the show, and I can’t imagine them dropping $10/mo just for it. Plus I/they are old, I guarantee they dust off the season DVDs to get their fix. All of this is to say we are at a point where if you don’t watch it soon you won’t be able to. So I’m going to propose everyone do just that.

According to Mental Floss, it will take you 99 hours to watch the entire series. Considering this is coming your way on December 23rd, this gives eight full days and change, 192-plus hours. It’s a lofty goal to watch 201 episodes in that time, so let’s take a look at the numbers, the streamermetrics as it were.

We’ll use that 192 hours as our baseline. Subtract out the 99 hours of show time, and we have 93 hours left for anything else, say sleep for example. That gives us 11.6 hours a day for sleep/miscellaneous versus 12.4 hours of watching. That equates to 25.2 episodes a day. Since so many tune into The Office as a fall-asleep show already, we’re in a good spot. Can a super stream actually be done?

Under normal circumstances, I’d say this wouldn’t be possible. But this is one of the most binge-inducing weeks most of us have ever encountered. From 12/24 through 12/31, there are an astounding three business holidays and two weekend days. Five of those eight days are non-work days (sorry to my non-traditional schedule peeps). The weather outside sucks and you are being a damn hero by staying home and streaming.

To my Office fans looking for a challenge, take on the one last hurrah super stream. The mission is simple, watch the entire series from start to finish. Feeling up to it? I know you are. Any interested parties HMU and we will track each new episode and follow along with you on your path to greatness. Not only will I give you any shirt from the On Tap store that you want, but you’ll also get added to the On Tap Dunder Mifflin office layout.

Now is a time for celebration of the show, not mourning its pending removal. As they say on the streets:

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Schwartzy is a DILF and (participation) trophy husband. More Splenda Daddy than Sugar. I do the twitter, hit me up! @drschwa_96

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