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Beer Review: Destihl – Haze of the Dead

Destihl’s Haze of the Dead is a boozy double IPA with a hoppy flavor and a juicy, resinous mouthfeel.

Destihl Haze of the Dead

I am officially back after a couple-week hiatus thanks to the COVID. It’s time to get back into some good beer and I have been looking forward to cracking open the final beer of this four-pack that I got a few weeks ago. I’ve had a few Destihl brews before, and they have all been exceptional.

Destihl is located down in Normal, IL and I was curious exactly where, as I am an alumnus of Illinois State. Turns out it’s found right off Veterans Parkway near I-55. Unfortunately, back in those days, I wasn’t quite into the craft beer scene yet as a broke college student, so I had never heard of Destihl (if it was even around back around 2010ish). When I eventually make my way back down there for a visit, I’ll definitely be making a point to drop in.

Destihl Haze of the Dead

Now to the beer! Haze of the Dead is a hazy double IPA with an 8.5% ABV and 83 IBU rating. It pours like an unfiltered orange juice with some flavor bits floating around in there. The aroma of this brew is all citrus. The flavor consists of all those wonderful Citra and Simcoe hops. It has the juicy, resinous mouthfeel that you would expect of a hazy IPA. I can sense the higher ABV, but it balances out well with the juiciness. Haze of the Dead is a very well-done beer and one you should absolutely check out.

Happy Drinking!

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