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Beer Review: Short Fuse – Worms and Dirt

Did Short Fuse use actual gummy worms when they brewed this beer? Whatever they did, it’s simply amazing

Short Fuse Worms and Dirt

Yes you read that title correctly. This beer is named after every eight-year-old kid’s favorite thing to get from the local ice cream stand — well, at least mine. HAHA look at me, I’m eating worms! Well, 33-year-old me is just as excited to experience that same thing, but now in the form of an imperial stout. What a time to be alive!

Short Fuse Worms and Dirt

First of all, I love the artwork on the can, which nailed the color of the gummy worms. For the dirt, I’m going to assume the jet black color of the beer is symbolic of that. Upon pouring this brew into the glass, it only had a quarter-inch of head that dissolved rapidly, eventually vanishing completely. But that’s alright, the best is yet to come! The aroma is simply divine with chocolate and vanilla scents. Short Fuse absolutely crushed it on the taste. The chocolate and vanilla combination hits you first, then you get smacked in the mouth on the back end by those wonderfully sweet gummy worms. Did Short Fuse use actual gummy worms when they brewed this beer? Whatever they did, it’s simply amazing.

I found this beer at Binny’s in a handy little two-pack for $10. It’s not a bad purchase at $5 a beer if you can keep yourself to only buying one pack. That might be tough because even though this stout is 10.5% ABV, it doesn’t feel like it at all, making this beer dangerously crushable. Short Fuse has become one of my favorite breweries, and this beer is an absolute home run. I think it’s probably my favorite beer I’ve ever had from them. It’s fun, brings back some memories, and tastes fantastic. I certainly plan on grabbing a few more of these in the future.

Happy Drinking!

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