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Why Jon Sciambi is Exactly Who the Cubs Needed to Replace Len Kasper

The Cubs’ offseason has not been fun, but at least they didn’t mess up this broadcasting hire.

Jon Sciambi Cubs
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By now you’ve probably already heard or read some quotes from new Cubs play-by-play broadcaster Jon Sciambi on his decision to become the North Side’s new voice.

Sciambi told a story on 670 The Score on Monday about his one interaction with Harry Caray the first time he called a game at Wrigley Field as a broadcaster for the Florida Marlins. Listening to him tell the story alone shows the kind of personality he’s going to bring to Cubs broadcasts.


“My first trip ever to Wrigley Field. This is true. This is the truth. My first ever trip to Wrigley Field was 1997. The Marlins and the Cubs. It’s 35 degrees. My first road game as a big league broadcaster. I finish doing the pregame. I have to use the restroom. I run to the facility and I have to go back because I have to do the lineups. I go in. You know the men’s room at Wrigley Field. Two urinals and a stall. I finish. I wash my hands. As I’m washing my hands, Harry Caray walks in. Harry Caray goes to the stall now I’m drying my hands. And from the stall on this 35-degree day, Harry Caray says out loud, not to me, just out loud, ‘I got so many clothes on, I can’t find my …’ I ran out of there to tell everybody that I could possibly tell.”

– Jon Sciambi on 670 The Score

That’s a story everybody gets a chuckle at.

Since the Cubs have had their fair share of national broadcasts over the course of the last five years, the North Side faithful has gotten the chance to get to know Sciambi as a national broadcaster.

I’m not saying he has superior calls or is better at his job than someone like Joe Buck, a guy who calls the World Series every October, who many fans love to hate. What I’m saying is Sciambi is fun. He makes a slow game where action comes and goes fun.

Considering the barrage of bad news Cubs fans have endured this winter, this move was a breath of fresh air.

Len Kasper will always have a special place in our hearts. However, I said on The Sky Is Falling Podcast following the announcement of Kasper heading to the White Sox radio booth that the Cubs needed to make a splash in his replacement.

At the time, I mentioned a name like Matt Vasgersian. Boog actually makes more sense given his personality.

It also helps to have a great relationship with the skipper.

“If there’s something that we’re gonna chuckle at sitting in the food room, I’m probably gonna try it on the air. Not the food, the joke. That’s kinda the thing. That’s the way I do it. I wanna play and have fun. I enjoy it.”

Sciambi via Marquee Sports Network

The Cubs’ offseason has not been fun, but at least they didn’t mess up this broadcasting hire. If the Cubs go down a road of not competing, at least fans can enjoy Sciambi in the booth.

I understand team expectations are much higher and should be higher, but as the Cubs enter this transitional phase, I’m confident I’ll enjoy the conversation during the games.

Who else is looking forward to a fun broadcast this upcoming summer?

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