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Beer Review: Old Irving Brewing – Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts by Old Irving Brewing features plenty of orange in its aroma and taste while packing an 8% ABV.

This is the first review I’m doing on Old Irving Brewing. To be honest, I’m kind of late to the party with OIB. I’ve maybe only had one or two beers from them ever, but I’ve had about four of their beers the last month or so and they’ve all been fantastic. So let’s dive in.

As you can see, Deep Thoughts pours bright orange with 3/4 of an inch of frothy white head. The aroma is mainly oranges with a little bit of pine mixed in and it tastes like orange juice and mango. To me, this almost tastes like an orange creamsicle with a little more hoppiness to it. Deep Thoughts has a light to medium resin body with a nice bitterness to it that finishes off sweet.

Deep Thoughts is a delightful version of a juicy IPA. I would love to enjoy this one ice-cold when it’s warm outside. Additionally, it has an ABV of 8%, so it’s a little stronger but still very easy to drink. Moving forward, Old Irving Brewing has moved onto my radar of breweries I need to try more of. If you are not familiar, Deep Thoughts is a great one to try out.

Happy Drinking!

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