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Beer Review: Revolution – League of Heroes Variety Pack

A four-pack of beer reviews from Revolution Brewing’s “League of Heroes” variety assortment.

Revolution League of Heroes

Everybody in Chicagoland knows about Revolution Brewing. The most identifiable beer from them of course being the flagship Anti-Hero. Revolution also periodically releases a variety pack of beers that is dubbed “League of Heroes”. Anti-Hero is always included, but they change up the other beers you find in there. Most of these beers are exclusive to the LOH pack. So let’s dive in.


I’ll start off with Anti-Hero because I assume the vast majority of craft beer enthusiasts around Chicagoland have had it before. It’s the flagship Revolution beer and a great measuring stick to use when comparing other beers. It’s a go-to that you can find almost anywhere. Anti-Hero is your typical hoppy bitter IPA that can be enjoyed year-round and for any occasion. Drink it straight out of the can or in a glass. You can’t go wrong with Anti-Hero.


As soon as I saw this League of Heroes pack had a Centennial in there, I knew I had to have it. Centennial has always been my favorite kind of hop. It’s your old school, straight-forward kind of IPA. This one nails that designation with the pine, lemongrass, and slightly citrus elements. While it has a nice bitterness to it, I’d say it’s similar to the Anti-Hero but a little smoother and slightly juicier.


The Nelson is a Hazy IPA hopped using the Nelson Sauvin hop variety. This kind of hop usually gives off a fruity kind of profile with a smooth flavor profile, giving a beer that juiciness. In drinking this one, I think it comes off mild with a white grape juice taste. I would consider Nelson-Hero a light-bodied, slightly hazy, easy drinker.


The Zenith-Hero is packed with Sultana hops. Sultana hops are apparently a gigantic cone of hops. In this brew, it comes off as crisp with a pineapple and pine flavor. It’s also supposed to be oily, which I can see because it seems to linger around in the palate.

Overall, I think each of the beers found in the pack is pretty similar, but all are good. They do have enough differences, however, making it enough incentive enough to try out a pack. At most, they are $20 for a 12-pack but you can often find them on sale for around $17. Knowing that a six-pack of Anti-Hero is almost always $9.99, that’s a solid price point for a 12-pack of good beers. So if you’re ever not sure what to go with or don’t want to spend too much, League of Heroes is a good value and with a decent variety of beers to try out.

PS. Here’s a few more found in other League of Heroes packs. All worth checking out.

Happy Drinking!

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