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Beer Review: Maplewood – Pulaski Pils

At 5.1% ABV, Maplewood Brewing’s Pulaski Pils is an easy-drinking, refreshing beer that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Maplewood Pulaski Pils

Maplewood is my favorite brewery in Chicago. The brewery resides right between Avondale and Bucktown on the west of the Chicago River and produces a wide array of brews. Their Pulaski Pils comes in four-packs of delectable goodness. It’s a perfect light beer for summer drinkin’ and an excellent wintertime Friday happy hour choice.

This fine pilsner offers a nice golden color and an easy, smooth finish at 5.1% ABV. It’s one of the best pilsners I’ve enjoyed as of late and you should, too. Go support some local brewing and pick up a pack at Maplewood!


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