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Who is the Mystery Signee at AEW’s Revolution?

AEW’s Paul Wright announced Wednesday that the brand has a new mystery signee. Who could this new addition be?

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Sunday will mark another big day for All Elite Wrestling. On Wednesday night during Dynamite, Paul Wight made his first on-screen appearance and announced that he has a “big scoop” for everyone. That announcement would be made during Sunday’s Revolution pay-per-view and it would be a huge “Hall Of Fame Worthy” signing. The excitement is at an all-time high for this surprise. So, let’s take a look at some possibilities for the mystery signing.

Kurt Angle

Photo: WWE

This name was taken to another level this morning with a “To Be Continued” tweet with a video of him gearing up. It looks like he is ready to make a return to the ring after being away for a while. It almost feels like this is similar to last year, where the tease is a smokescreen for who the real signing will be. Plus, let’s not forget that Angle is in the WWE Hall Of Fame. So, that could count him out of being this signing.

Chance: 5%



Photo: WWE

Now this one became a little more interesting over the last 24 hours as well. It started out as speculation as that Christian was signed to a new deal by WWE after the Royal Rumble in January, but now the news is out and it seems as if he isn’t under contract. This could be a real possibility. But, another note to hang onto is “This signing will make Vince shake”. Christian doesn’t seem like that name, due to the fact they didn’t sign him because “we don’t have anything for him”.

Chance: 30%

Brock Lesnar

Photo: WWE

He may not be everyone’s favorite name that is floating around. But, this could easily be the name that shocks Vince McMahon. If anyone could outbid Vince for money in this industry it would be Tony Khan. The only downside to this possiblity is the fact they mentioned the person signing would be appearing to wrestle often. I’m not sure that is something Brock is interested in.

Chance: 50%



Photo: WWE

This is the real dark horse option. Would he be interested in returning to the ring? No one knows where his mind is at with wrestling nowadays. This is another name that would shock everyone over at WWE and would shock the wrestling world. He is someone that could still work a schedule at his leaser. Plus, he is not in the Hall of Fame but is worthy of it.

Chance: 25%

CM Punk

Photo: WWE

Are you looking for a pipe bomb? Well, you bring back someone that everyone has been asking for year after year. He is definitely Hall of Fame worthy, but the only thing holding this one back is Paul saying “it’s not who you are expecting”. Maybe that is the swerve this time around. Punk did say the other day, “100% not me”.

Chance: 45%


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