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Beer Review: Two Brothers – Amplifier

Amplifier by Two Brothers is a sweet, citrusy beer that’s perfect for warm-weather drinking.

Two Brothers Amplifier Beer Review

Today we have a new year-round offering from Two Brothers. The amplifier design on the case is what initially grabbed my attention, complete with knobs and everything. Two Brothers typically has some decent stuff at a consumer-friendly price, and this one is no different at $16.99 for a 12-pack at Binny’s. I figured “What the heck?” and brought some home to try out.

When poured into a glass, Amplifier is yellow gold in color and had about a 3/4″ of pure white head. There is not too much aroma, just a little of that citrus described on the can. Upon sipping Amplifier, it is extremely smooth. There is virtually no hop bitterness; it’s all sweet citrus juiciness. I tried this one straight out of the can as well to see if this could be used as a crushable beer. The verdict is yes. I think this will be a nice refreshing beer to have as we get into the warmer weather. I still preferred it poured into a glass because I get a little more of the citrus flavor.

Overall, Amplifier is a solid beer. I think it almost tastes like a Caprisun. There’s not too much else going on with it, but for the price point it’s definitely worth checking out. A cheaper, simple, crushable summer beer is always a valuable option to have. Amplifier packs a 6.7% ABV, so it will do the trick.

Happy Drinking!

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