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2021 On Tap Sports Net NFL Mock Draft: Washington Football Team – Pick #19

While the Washington Football Team has a lot of needs, replacing Trent Williams is key. Christian Darrisaw is a great replacement for WFT.

Christian Darrisaw NFL Draft
Photo: Virginia Tech Hokies Athletics

As we venture through the On Tap Sports Net NFL Mock Draft, we arrive at pick #19. The Washington Football Team has a lot of needs throughout their roster. They’re unproven at quarterback, with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Taylor Heinecke looking like the future of the position, they need some offensive line help, and could probably use another playmaker to compliment Terry McLaurin. However, given how the draft might play out, offensive line makes a lot of sense.

With Penei Sewell and Rashawn Slater both off the board, the On Tap Sports Net crew believes the Washington Football Team will draft offensive tackle Christian Darrisaw out of Virginia Tech.

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Darrisaw is a monster of a human being. He’s 6-foot-4 and 315 lbs but moves like someone half his size. He possesses sound footwork and has some really good technique when he isn’t lazy. Darrisaw has the size and athleticism to be an elite offensive tackle in the NFL. He moves incredibly well for his size and can make every block an offensive coordinator would ask of him. He makes sense as a replacement for Trent Williams in Washington.

Refer to the third snippet in the above tweet. Darrisaw shows off his freakish athleticism by quickly getting into the B-gap and anchoring himself to defend the backside. Despite being a block that is most often away from the play, it’s incredibly important, especially at the NFL level. Defensive ends in the NFL have elite quickness, so cutting them off from scraping down the line to make a tackle is key for backside tackles.

His pass sets are controlled and calm, displaying nice footwork in his drops. He’s very comfortable taking care of oncoming linemen, and his athleticism allows him to get to blocks and wide rushers in a fashion that not many tackles can. He’s elite at shutting down any and all attempts with his quality feet and solid punch.

We have Darrisaw going before the Chicago Bears pick at #20, but he certainly brings toughness with that athleticism. He can be an immediate contributor to any team that picks him in this draft.


The biggest weakness for Darrisaw is his consistent effort. The Virginia Tech product has a tendency to get lazy and rely too much on his athleticism. That might work in college against inferior talent, but at the NFL level he will be eaten alive if he doesn’t address that issue. In the NFL, technique is just as important as athleticism. The best tackles in the game, and in league history, were not just physical freaks but also technicians.

In the first highlight video, you can see his lack of effort at the end of his backside block. He does an incredible job getting to the spot, but could probably do a better job of finishing the play. Sure, his running back is getting tackled, but consistent good habits will translate to the NFL, and that includes finishing blocks. He does a nice job in the other clips finishing his block, so he needs to do that consistently.

That said, if he has a good offensive line coach in the NFL, they can coach bad habits out of him. They cannot coach his athleticism and he has no shortage of that.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Darrisaw might be one of my favorite offensive tackle prospects in this draft class. He is a monster with freakish athleticism. If he can consistently utilize his technique and athleticism in harmony, he’ll have unbelievable success at the next level.

Luckily for Darrisaw, his only weaknesses are effort-based. Athletically there aren’t many flaws in his game, but if he gives 110% effort on every single play in the NFL, he has a chance to be a perennial Pro Bowl player or better. He is that talented.

This is a perfect chance for the Football Team to protect their quarterbacks while adding toughness and grit to their team. Darrisaw is a perfect fit for what Washington needs in the upcoming NFL Draft.

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