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2021 On Tap Sports Net NFL Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans – Pick #22

The Titans are in dire need of a cornerback. What better player to draft at #22 in the NFL Draft than South Carolina product Jaycee Horn?

Photo: University of South Carolina Football

This draft is filled with major NFL bloodlines. With the 22nd pick, the On Tap Sports Net crew believes a familiar name will be picked. The Titans should draft Jaycee Horn, son of former NFL receiver Joe Horn.

The Titans are in dire need of help on defense this year, especially after moving on from their two starting cornerbacks, Adoree Jackson and Malcolm Butler. They are a little thin at the position and this is the perfect time to build up that spot. The cornerback depth is good at the top of the draft, so they will have plenty of options. That said, Horn is the best selection for the Titans, especially since his style better fits what the Titans are trying to do.


He will be coming into the NFL with three years of starting experience in college. Horn didn’t start just anywhere either, he started all three years in the SEC. With his size and strength, he will be able to walk into training camp with the talent and skillset to become an immediate starter. The Titans will enjoy how he sticks to his man and has great timing to break up passes. At South Carolina, he finished with 23 total pass defended, quantifying his top ability of separating the ball from a potential receiver.

There are two things that Horn does well that is under-appreciated. First, his ability to catch up to offensive players if they get early separation at the start of a route is sensational. Another thing that goes unnoticed is his blitzing ability. He can slip past blockers with ease and get to the quarterback. Even if he doesn’t start at an outside cornerback spot early in his career, he could make a solid slot-type corner who can disrupt a play.


Horn has had issues with getting beat early in plays, which is due to getting stuck in his transition because of his hip movement. This causes him to start grabbing at players more or hold during a route, leading to some penalties. Pass interference will get called way more in the NFL and Horn’s discipline will need to be worked on heavily. He needs to trust his abilities a little more when that happens or trust his teammates. He is not the most aggressive player when it comes to run support and that can cause an issue with his tackling as well.

Final Thoughts

The talent and ability is there for Jaycee Horn, but he is going to need some coaching on some issues that could cause him to lose playing time. The right move for him is to learn all he can from his teammates and coaches, and take his chances on the field to learn as much as he can. Also, while in games he might need a little back-end help from a safety. He is going to be a very good man-coverage corner that needs a little bit of work, but could really be an issue for opposing teams a few years down the road.

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