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2021 On Tap Sports Net NFL Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns – Pick #26

Every NFL team could use pass rushers. The Cleveland Browns should select Jayson Oweh and beef up their defensive line with the 26th pick.

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This is a very unusual spot for the Browns come draft time. Normally their first pick comes way earlier in the first round, that is if they have a first round pick. They’re in a very good spot going into the 2021 NFL season. Going into this draft, they don’t have too many pressing needs. They need a little more help on the defensive side of the ball, more than anything. Some may say they shouldn’t worry about an edge rusher this early now that they went out and signed Jadeveon Clowney. But, at this spot in the draft, with a talent like Jayson Oweh still on the board, means a match made in heaven for the Browns.

With the 26th pick, the On Tap Sports Net crew believes the Browns should select edge rusher Jayson Oweh.



Speed is the name of the game in this present-day NFL and Oweh has plenty of it. It’s hard to teach speed. He will be able to overtake tight ends on the corner very quickly with his speed and strength. Since he also has very good length and range, he can disrupt plays to the inside or outside. That is all due to him having some of the quickest hips in the draft class, which helps him in the tackling game overall as well.

All these tools help him move easily all over the field. He isn’t limited to just being a pure speed rusher off the corner. He has the power to move around on the line and create issues. This defense would be perfect for him to learn behind two of the best players at his position in Myles Garrett and Clowney. He can learn the game even more over the next year and fill into that starting roll into 2022. It might seem crazy to take a player at this spot to just learn, but it would help this defense out in the long run.


The major issue for Oweh is simple, he is inexperienced. He only started playing football his junior year of high school. However, some might not worry about that too much because he was still ranked in the top 100 recruits when he was heading into college. He is simplyl a little raw and lacks that starting time that some others before him have.

One issue that you can see with his game is his slower reaction time at the snap of the ball. That should get better with more experience, but could cause some major issues earlier in his NFL career. Most of his issues currently have to do more with reading and reacting to what is going on or might happen, rather than his raw ability. If the right staff is ready to help him, along with his teammates, then he could become a solid player in the league. If not, he could just be a situational player on a team.


Final Thoughts

This would be a smart move by the Browns if he is there. Teams are always in need of depth at the edge spot. Clowney is only under contract for this season and he ended last season early due to injury. So, the Brown should build the defense now with a player that could learn a lot from his teammates and the great staff around him.

His speed is hard to come by at his position and the rest is easier to work on. Oweh is a perfect prototype for the current NFL and his abilities could turn him into a Pro Bowl type of player if the right staff coaches him to correct his flaws. Cleveland wouldn’t disappoint with this pick at all.

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