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Beer Review: Weldworks Brewing Company – SCIENCE! Sour Wheat Ale

With a bold ingredient list and wonderful aroma and flavor, SCIENCE! is an experiment worth trying.

Forget dissecting frogs! This is what high-school science class should be all about.

Greeley, CO based Weldworks Brewery collaborated with Anaheim, California’s Bottle Logic Brewing to create SCIENCE!, a 4.8% Sour Wheat Ale.

With a bold recipe that includes raspberry, blueberry, toasted coconut and vanilla, this beer is one experiment worth trying.

Appearance and Aroma

Simply put, this beer looks beautiful in a glass. SCIENCE! has a color somewhere between a deep blood-red and magenta, depending on the light.

It also smells wonderful. Right away the nose provides a blast of blueberry aroma, but I also got an earthy tartness from the raspberry.

I also started getting hints of fruit punch Hi-C after a few deep inhales, transporting me back to my childhood.

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Weldworks and Bottle Logic did an incredible job highlighting each ingredient of this beer independently. There are times you read a beer’s ingredients, and then find yourself trying desperately to pull out the different flavors. That was not the case here.

Drinking SCIENCE! felt like a guided tour right down the ingredient list.

Up front you get the berries. Blueberries play the lead role in this beer with the raspberries immediately following with their deliciously tart flavor.

This is of course a sour beer, but the wheat aspect of it balances it out very well. I found it to be the perfect ratio that created a wonderfully muted sour feel in the mouth.

When you swallow there is an immediate hint of vanilla. However, it doesn’t stay around very long as the focus of the finish is all coconut.

I am not someone who traditionally likes coconut-flavored foods. However, I’ve found over the years that coconut in my beer is something I thoroughly enjoy if done right. This beer was done right.

As you exhale, there is a flood of sweet coconut flavor throughout the mouth and nose that I found to be just the right amount.

This beer reminds you that it’s a sour a few seconds after the finish. As the coconut fades, a mild tartness follows it and and settles in the back of your throat.


I’m pretty picky when it comes to sour beers. They’re admittedly not my favorite style, so for me it’s a fine line. Finding the right mix between sour and flavor is not easy. Weldworks and Bottle Logic nailed it. The merger of a wheat beer and sour beer created the perfect balance.

The two breweries wasted nothing with this beer, allowing each and every ingredient a chance to shine on its own.

SCIENCE!, like it’s name-sake, is all about exploration, and I found it extremely enjoyable exploring my way through the flavors of this brew.

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