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Chicago Comedian of the Week: Geoffrey Asmus

Every week On Tap Sports Net will spotlight a local Chicagoland stand-up comedian. This time we are joined by Geoffrey Asmus.

Chicago Comedian of the Week

This week’s Chicago Comedian of the Week is Geoffrey Asmus! Geoffrey has been turning heads at comedy shows across the country. Geoff has been featured on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, Fox’s Laughs, & was selected to the New Faces showcase at the prestigious Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, Canada! Check out this clip and get to know Geoff below.

Getting to know Geoffrey Asmus

What’s your favorite moment in comedy?

When I started one of my first gigs was regularly hosting at a comedy club in Milwaukee that was under a seedy strip club. Like the type of Midwest strip club where they grinded to Godsmack.

You knew you were bombing when you could hear the strip club music above you. I bombed every single set every weekend but no one cared because it was clearly a front for money laundering. You know a club is bad when it has murals of comedians like Jerry Seinfeld who would never be caught dead in the building.

One time after absolutely eating my ass for 15 minutes I tried to bring up the headliner (“The 8 Time Cruise Ship Comedian of the Year”) but the headliner was nowhere to be found. So I had to stall for 15 more minutes to people who already absolutely hated every fiber of my being. Eventually, the headliner was found in a private room upstairs, shirtless and drenched in sweat. RIP Jokerz in Milwaukee.”

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?

Small Cheval in Wicker Park is unbeatable

Which famous dead comedian would you want to open for and why?

[Don] Rickles. Just to hear how succinctly he would eviscerate my set every time after I brought him up.

What are you the “Michael Jordan” of?

I’m the Michael Jordan of farting. Unbeatable and never to be duplicated.

If you could be cast in any TV show in history, which would it be and why?

According to Jim because it lasted for a decade even though not a single person watched it. You could do or say anything you wanted and no one would care.”

You can follow Geoff on Twitter and check out his website to learn even more.

Check back next week as we highlight an awesome comedy talent in Chicagoland. Our guest last time was Joe Fernandez.

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