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Does Wedding Crashers Exist in the MCU? An Absurd Loki Theory

No theory is too crazy if you believe it. This takes that notion to its maximum potential as we explore a Wedding Crashers/Loki connection.

wedding crashers and loki mcu theory
Photos: New Line Cinema and Marvel Studios/Disney+

If you read the title and you’re still here, God bless you. While I love theorizing about what I think will or will not happen in all sorts of shows and movies, I also love an off-the-wall crazy theory. This is one of those theories.

After watching the first two episodes of Loki, I’m so back on Owen Wilson that it had me thinking about some of his previous roles that I adored. Shanghai Noon, Starsky and Hutch, You, Me, and Dupree, and of course, Wedding Crashers. Wedding Crashers is my favorite Owen Wilson role, so it sent me down a rabbit hole wondering… Does Wedding Crashers exist in the MCU? Tinfoil hats required moving forward.


Through the first two episodes of Loki, we’ve learned that the Time Variance Authority are the keepers of the sacred timeline. When disturbances to the timeline occur, they dispatch agents and analysts to investigate and ultimately destroy the branch before it disrupts the flow of time. They call these Nexus events. Owen Wilson plays Agent Mobius, a seemingly human man who isn’t quite sure how he got in his position at the TVA, but he’s out there stopping Nexus events all the same. Next, how it ties in Wedding Crashers.

Looping in the Wedding Crashers

The movie follows a pair of wedding-crashing business partners, Jeremy Grey (played by Vince Vaughn) and John Beckwith (played by Owen Wilson). The movie takes off as they crash a very high-profile wedding for the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury. Hilarity ensues, and eventually, John and Jeremy have a falling out. John goes into a bit of a tailspin and hooks up with the OG wedding crasher Chazz Reinhold (played by Will Ferrell). Chazz has leveled up from wedding crashing and is now focused on funeral crashing. This, my fine friends, is what leads us to our Wedding Crashers Nexus event:

Our man Chazz out here showing how to properly respect the deceased.

The Theory

I am proposing that the gentleman who tragically passed in a hang-gliding accident was never meant to die. You see, he owned valuable information that he was destined to get to the President of the United States of America. His death meant that vital intel never got where it was needed and World War III proceeds. This triggers global nuclear assault and a Class Seven Apocalypse — total planetary destruction.

While investigating the disturbance in the timeline, the TVA happens across our friend John, and see the power of his quick-talking and skills to get whatever he wants/needs out of a particular situation. They bring him back to HQ because his skill set is too valuable. They can do this because they plucked him from a branched timeline, and he will remain in the predestined timeline to play his part. At HQ, the TVA wipe his and turn him into one of their top analysts, Mobius. That’s why in episode two when we see Mobius talking with his boss Ravonna you get some serious vibes of a previous romantic spark. You can wipe the John Beckwith from his memory, but his prowess is programmed into his DNA.

In Conclusion

Now, can I prove any of this absurd nonsense? No, of course not. I don’t believe you can disprove it either. At the end of the day, this is really just about getting Todd Cleary into the MCU. I need him painting pictures of the Avengers.

The painting was a gift, Todd. Accessed from

Thanks for joining me in this journey of absurdity!

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11 months ago

[…] The fourth episode of ‘Loki’ had A LOT going on. We learned we know less about the TVA than we initially thought, and that when the TVA prunes someone they may not die as we first suspected. We now have more questions than answers at this point, perfect for some theories! I feel good about my “the Timekeepers are just puppets like the Wizard head in Wizard of Oz” take, but may have been a bit overzealous in connecting ‘Wedding Crashers’ to the MCU. […]


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