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Coors Light Using Rink Ice To Brew ‘Champions Ice’ – A Beer Celebrating The Lightning’s Stanley Cup Victory

Tampa Bay Lightning fans will be able to experience their team’s championship in a whole new way as Coors Light uses Amalie Arena ice to brew “Champions Ice”.

Coors Light Champions Ice Lightning Stanley Cup Beer
Photo: Coors Light

For the second year in a row, the Tampa Bay Lightning are Stanley Cup champions. With a 1-0 victory over the Montreal on their home ice, the Lighting completed the gentlemen’s sweep and sent the Canadiens packing in five games.

So Sweet You Can Taste It

As sports fans, we feel like we share the blood, sweat, and tears our favorite teams sacrifice. It’s of course a symbolic notion, but one all die-hard fans have felt at one point or another.

Now, for the first time, a fanbase has the opportunity to take this idea in a more literal direction.

As first reported by EPSN this morning, the Tampa Bay Lighting have given Coors Light permission to use the actual ice from Amalie Arena to brew a limited edition beer. They have appropriately named it… “Champions Ice”.

It’s reported that the 4.2% ABV brew is being expedited through the brewing process and will be available in the Tampa Bay area as soon as next week, in time for the Lightning’s championship parade.

In statements made to ESPN, Coors Light’s marketing director Chris Steele explained several aspects of the beer and brewing process, as well as the thought behind it.

Maybe most importantly, he talked about the health and safety measures that went into using game-used iced, stating that the ice;

“[went] through all our food and safety requirements. We took the ice, passed it though several different, incredibly effective filters. We filtered out the unhealthy stuff. But the magic and the spirit of the Tampa Bay Lightning are still in it”

– Chris Steele, Marketing Director, Coors Light – interview with ESPN

I find this to be one of the most unique and amazing ways for a fanbase to share in a team’s championship. The hardest part for me would be deciding whether to drink it or save it forever. Bottom line, I think I would need to buy two.

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1 year ago

Creepy. I get the idea, but this is one that a bunch of guys sitting around a public relations table would consider and then say, “unique and intriguing but, no.”


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