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Beer Review: Hop Butcher – The Way In Total Daylight (Now Available in Craft Kave)

Hop Butcher beers are now available in the Craft Kave at White Sox games for the first time this season, so grab yourself a can next time you’re at the ballpark.

The Way In Total Daylight Hop Butcher
Photo: Jim Sramek/On Tap Sports Net

On Thursday, Hop Butcher announced that their beers would again be available in the Kraft Cave at Guaranteed Rate Field. When breaking the news via a post to their Instagram story, a picture of one of their latest offerings, The Way In Total Daylight, accompanied the announcement.

Hop Butcher Kraft Cave
Photo: hopbutcher/Instagram

Now I won’t be making it down to a White Sox game for a few weeks, but I knew I needed to pick up a four-pack at Binny’s for myself anyway.

The Way In Total Daylight is a double IPA brewed using the popular Citra, along with Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy hops. I had never tried this one before, but it is nothing short of amazing. This is to be expected of anything you can find from Hop Butcher. It’s now to the point where I don’t think I need to describe a beer from Hop Butcher. If you see one anywhere, you should absolutely try it out. You will never be disappointed.

I reached out to Hop Butcher and they’ve been periodically supplying beers to the Craft Kave for about five or so years. This shipment is the first one of the 2021 season. They informed me that the plan is to make deliveries on an “as needed” basis. So when the Kave runs out, they will hopefully be able to send over a fresh batch of the latest release.

“Our goal is always to have as fresh of beer possible available inside the park,” a Hop Butcher spokesperson said. So that means if you make your way down there, do them and everyone else a favor and grab a can.

Now I’ve had the majority of beers in the Craft Kave and I can say with ease that this will be one of the best offerings down there, especially considering everything costs the same.

“If we have an opportunity to provide fresh hazy IPA and get it in people’s hands as they cheer on the Sox, we’ll be there.”

So if you’re attending a White Sox game this weekend, grab a can and let Hop Butcher know what you think!

Happy Drinking!

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