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Is Matt Nagy Truly Respected Around the NFL?

Is Bears head coach Matt Nagy truly respected around the NFL? Or does it just seem like he is to people outside of the NFL?

Matt Nagy Bears Head Coach
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Chicago sports characters are always polarizing, and Matt Nagy is currently atop that mountain. Half of the fan base/media believes in the “poor Matt Nagy” theory. Some believe Mitchell Trubisky was just so debilitating that Matt Nagy couldn’t let the inner offensive mastermind shine through.

On the other hand, there is a portion of critics that believe Matt Nagy is fighting for his job this season and Vegas odd makers seem to agree. Matt Nagy is currently getting the third-highest odds (17/2) to be fired during the 2021-22 season. According to Vegas, the only coaches more likely to be fired are Mike McCarthy (15/2) and, former Bears defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio (8/1). Personally, I believe Matt Nagy is closer to the Vegas side of the spectrum.

Is Matt Nagy really as respected by his peers as it appears?
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I am not going to get into offensive stats or Mitch vs. Nagy because if you’re reading this then you’ve probably been beaten over the head with articles like that. That argument may be as productive as the chicken vs. the egg conversation. The reality is both Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky contributed to the offensive struggles. It was an imperfect marriage and it’s better for everyone involved that it was a clean divorce.

Side note: you can point some fingers at Ryan Pace for the offensive line, which he continues to neglect in 2021.

True Respect?

One thing I find myself asking is: does Matt Nagy truly get the respect he appears to by his peers? In a recent Nick Foles press conference, he talks about how well Frank Reich knows his skill set and how he knew the way to put players in the correct position to win. While it wasn’t a direct shot at Nagy, it aired out some grievances. There always seem to be little breadcrumbs that lead back to Matt Nagy. It make me question if he is really as respected in the locker room and amongst his peers as he appears to be.

Flashback to the Mitchell Trubisky presser talking about how the offensive line could use some help and how some moving pockets might get things moving in the right direction. Motioning defenders into the box on running plays, Nick Foles yelling at Matt Nagy because he keeps slowing down a drive that’s benefiting from pushing the pace, and 3rd down passing plays short of the sticks are all little things that concern me. That said, one thing that is overlooked is his coaching hires.

If you really break it down, all of Matt Nagy’s major coaching hires were people who were unemployed the year before. Both offensive coordinator’s Mark Helfrich and Bill Lazor were fired and unemployed the year before Matt Nagy hired them. Juan Castillo and Clancy Barone both were off for a year before joining Matt Nagy’s staff. All of Matt Nagy’s best coordinators and position coaches were hired by John Fox and it looks like Sean Desai might be the best coach on staff. Even Chuck Pagano was off the year before Matt Nagy hired him. It’s actually astounding when you think about it.

It makes me wonder how much respect Matt Nagy has gotten amongst his peers. I understand that the perception of being on the hot seat would make it more difficult to hire coaches this year, but it’s been a consistent trend throughout his time in Chicago. It makes me wonder what is said about Matt Nagy amongst other NFL circles.

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