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AEW Predictions: All Out 2021

The Pro Wrestling World is ready for some major returns and major surprises in this year’s edition of All Out. AEW Finally returns to Chicago which is now like home to them.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The best AEW pay-per-view of the year finally returns home to Chicago! What an awesome last few weeks it has been for All Elite Wrestling. They have been keeping the wrestling world on their toes for a while now. This pay-per-view will not be any different with all the action and surprises that they have in store.

Buy-In Match: Best Friends & Jurassic Express vs. The Hardy Family Office

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

This should be a fun match to start the show. The amount of talent is crazy in this match alone. The story between all these men has been picking up lately thanks to Orange Cassidy taking out Matt Hardy a few weeks ago and busting him open the hard way. But, the more talented team should be able to pull out the win in this one. You always have to watch out for the underhand tactics of the veteran Matt Hardy.

Winner: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Looking for a hard hitting match? Look no farther than this match right here. This will be a knockdown, drag-out type fight. You have to love that AEW is helping showcase the NJPW style of pro wrestling as well. This match should be the easiest to pick the winner on the night though.

Winner: Jon Moxley

TNT Championship Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Miro(C)

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The Redeemer was left in the middle of the ring on Friday night thanks to his challenger. Can Eddie Kingston do it again? This is another match that will be hard hitting and straight to the point. These two are looking to just completely take each other’s heads off in this one after weeks of confrontation. But, at this time Miro is just on another level as a competitor. Good Luck to Kingston in this one.

Winner: Miro

QT Marshall vs. Paul Wight

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Everyone wants this to be the shortest match on the night. Please give us Paul Wight knocking that smug look off QT Marshall’s face! The story for them took a turn though when the Gunn Club turned on Wight this week. Even though he might be a little weaker going into this match, it can change on one quick punch from the big man. The veteran will be ready for this one and will take care of his work quickly.

Winner: Paul Wight

21 Women Casino Battle Royale

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Battle Royale’s are always a fun part of any wrestling show. For one woman, that chance was taken away and that was Julia Hart. But, the replacement will be Chicago’s own Skye Blue after she had a fantastic match with Red Velvet on a special edition of AEW Dark on Saturday. Looking at the list of women in this match, we have a total of 20, and this match holds 21. So, we will have a surprise entry in this one. It is time we get another major player in the AEW Women’s division and that will be none other than Ruby Soho!

Winner: Ruby Soho

AEW World Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match: Lucha Brothers vs The Young Buck(C)

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Could this be the end of The Young Bucks over 300+ day title reign? They are going to have to do it all on their own now that this one is locked inside a steel cage. Everyone should know what this means, AEW has not had many cage matches in their near three years of existence. So, business is going to be solely between these two talented teams, and this time the Young Buck’s ego might finally get to them since the Lucha Brothers have been on fire as of late as well.

Winner: Lucha Brothers

MJF vs. Chris Jericho

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Could this be the end of Jericho? Well, it is not in the future Hall of Famer’s favor since he hasn’t been able to beat the arrogant young MJF ever. Everyone knows that MJF will have plenty of antics at hand to cause Jericho to retire before he really should. But, does Jericho have anything to protect him from all of that? There is one person that he could call up to have his back that would also be a major surprise, while also helping shut his opponent up for a while. The veteran will find a way to walk out as the winner in this one.

Winner: Chris Jericho

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Kris Statlander vs Britt Baker, D.M.D(C)

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

This match could be a show-stealer that no one expects. The good doctor is in trouble since returning from a major injury. Statlander has been undefeated and just beat Bakers to friends in a handicap match. It seems as if the momentum is definitely on her side. Also, many think that Baker is distracted and too focused on being a “star” outside the ring as well. If that is the case, everyone will be in for a surprise when that bell rings. It is like the switch is flipped and the Champion will show up. The title reign will continue for D.M.D tonight!

Winner: Britt Baker

Darby Allin vs. CM Punk

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Seven years, that is how long it has been since CM Punk has wrestled in a professional wrestling ring. All during that time, Darby Allin has been growing and learning the wrestling world. Over the last two years, Darby has started to become a name in everyone’s household. Before Punk officially returned to the ring, he talked about how he would love to help elevate some younger wrestlers to another level and the first name on the list is the man he called out on Rampage on August 20. This match isn’t about hating the other or not liking something. This is about one guy coming back and showing he still has what it takes and the other man wants to show that he really does deserve the credit some don’t see. A true professional wrestling matchup is what we should see in this one.

Winner: CM Punk

AEW World Championship Match: Christian Cage vs. Kenny Omega(C)

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Only a few weeks ago, Christian Cage took one of the belt collector’s titles and he is not happy. At the close of Dynamite this week, Omega and his crew brought the cage down and locked in all of their opponents for this weekend inside the cage. They all continued to beat them down and try to get the early upper hand heading into the PPV. The best wrestler in the world is looking for revenge this weekend and doesn’t need any help in this one. Christian Cage has been on another level since officially making his return to a wrestling ring earlier this year, but can he match up in a pure wrestling match this time? This match is in favor of the AEW World Champion.

Winner: Kenny Omega

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