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Bears: Matt Nagy’s Recent Record Paints A Bleak Picture

While Matt Nagy’s career record might instill confidence in some, he won’t be able to coast on past accomplishments forever.

Matt Nagy Bears
Photo: Jae C. Hong/AP

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy has seen better days. After an embarrassing loss against the Los Angeles Rams, questions are once again surfacing about the play-caller. More specifically, questions regarding Nagy’s ability to make the correct decisions for the sake of the team are coming to the forefront.

While his detractors have been vocal in their beliefs that Nagy has been a disappointment in Chicago, his defenders are quick to his defense, with the most notable rebuttal being the 2018 NFL Coach of the Year’s career record. Nagy has gone 28-21 through 49 regular-season contests, including two playoff appearances.

However, that argument falls flat when you compare it to recent history.

As you can see, the Matt Nagy-led Bears haven’t seen quite as much success in the past few seasons. While 2018 was an incredible ride, it has been followed by painful mediocrity with no playoff victories in sight. It’s also important to note that while the team made the playoffs last season, they experienced a six-game losing streak following a 5-1 start. The team only improved once offensive coordinator Bill Lazor took over play-calling duties.

Many longtime Bears fans have drawn comparisons to former head coach Dick Jauron’s hot start with the team in the early 2000s that inevitably lost its steam. Ironically, Jauron received an NFL Coach of the Year award in 2001 as well. That award ended up buying Jauron more time than he probably deserved, leading to two more disappointing seasons.

Once Jauron was fired, the Bears hired Lovie Smith, one of the team’s most successful coaches of all time. If given too much leash, Nagy could see a similar fate.

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Dave Queckboerner
Dave Queckboerner
14 days ago

Nagy and Desai both failed MISERABLY to have players properly prepared and plays designed to win, or at least play respectfully!!! WHAT A TOTAL DISGRACE TO PROUD CHICAGO BEAR FOOTBALL!

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