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New Top Guys: Is AEW the New Place to Be?

The wrestling world is changing. Could WWE not be the dream place pro wrestlers want to be anymore? Maybe it is just to get into a ring with the “Best Bout Machine” Kenny Omega.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

It seems like WWE might not be the premier destination for wrestling anymore. But, that doesn’t automatically make that destination AEW either. It isn’t even just one company that these other wrestlers are chasing down. They are chasing after one man, “The Best Bout Machine” Kenny Omega. There have been plenty of wrestlers that have left WWE over the last year or two that want to meet up or have met up with Kenny Omega lately.

The most recent name on this list is Bryan Danielson. He has always talked about being one of the best wrestlers in the sport. Well, he decided to let his contract run its course in WWE and walk away from the company earlier this year. He made the jump to AEW to compete against Omega and we will officially see that on the September 22’s episode of Dynamite.

Recently, we also saw the Pro Wrestling legend Christian Cage go to battle with Kenny Omega for two separate Championships. The one match that Christian won was for the Impact World Championship. He went on to have another match that he lost at AEW All Out, this one was for the AEW World Championship. Another star in the sport that took an early out on his contract was Andrade El Idolo. When we left WWE he showed up in AEW. But, he came after Kenny Omega while he was in AAA. They recently went to battle in what was an awesome match. Many fans are hoping to see this one ran back in AEW sometime soon.

A few additional names that made the jump over to face Omega early on in AEW were PAC and Jon Moxley. We saw some absolute show stealers with PAC vs Omega. When it comes to Moxley vs Omega, we saw several battles with these two as well. The most recent work was when Omega finally got his hands on the AEW World Championship at the end of 2020. Hopefully, we get a chance to see PAC go to war again with Omega because he is one of the few that has been able to beat him.

One of the earliest names on this list is Chris Jericho. He visited Kenny Omega during his time on NJPW. These battles were some of the early informs that Tony Khan gathered to start building up his dream of running a Pro Wrestling company. This was the beginning of opening eyes of wrestling fans to more outside of the USA and brought another style to NJPW. It worked out very well in the end.

So, with the world of Pro Wrestling changing, what other names can we see make the jump from one company to another?

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