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Was it Hypocritical for Cubs to Allow Conor McGregor at Wrigley Field?

If the Cubs will welcome someone like Conor McGregor to Wrigley Field and celebrate him, then why hasn’t another legend been welcomed back?

Chicago Cubs
Photo: The Mirror

On Tuesday night, the Chicago Cubs had a very well known celebrity throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field.

Conor McGregor, while one of the most famous fighters on Earth, now has one of the worst first pitches in history to add to his resume. Let’s just say this pitch makes 50 Cent look like the next coming of Kyle Hendricks.

The Cubs then continued to parade Conor around by allowing him to sing the 7th inning stretch and interviewed him on the Marquee broadcast.

Conor McGregor is known to be extremely entertaining and knows how to draw eyeballs to pretty much anything he does. Our friend Cody posed a very interesting question yesterday that is worth diving into a bit further.

Twins ML eventually hit so hat tip to Cody’s wallet.

The bigger question, is this hypocritical for the Cubs to parade McGregor around Wrigley Field?

We understand these are very different situations as Conor was simply there for a night and has no ties to the organization.

In reality, it is very hypocritical to allow someone who has multiple assault arrests under his belt to be the star of the show while Sammy Sosa is not allowed to step foot in the ballpark. Sammy Sosa may have ‘allegedly’ taken steroids and his relationship with the Cubs may have ended on a sour note with previous ownership. That is zero excuse for current ownership to not move on and allow one of the most storied Chicago Cubs of all time to get the praise he deserves.

If someone with the criminal past of Conor McGregor can be celebrated by the Cubs and their networks, then the all-time home run leader in franchise history should get his flowers while he can still smell them.

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