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Halloween 2021: The Best Pop Culture Costume Ideas

With less pop culture icons in 2021, here are some Halloween costume ideas ahead of the spooky holiday this week!

Halloween 2021
Photo: DNY59/Getty Images

Though some people still chose to safely partake in Halloween last year, I feel like Halloween 2021 is truly a free for all. People are feeling better about COVID-19 and things are truly feeling normal once again. With that being said, we’re going to need costumes! 

2021 didn’t bring me as many pop culture related Halloween costume ideas, but I rounded up what I believe will be the top ones of this year! 

Squid Game took the internet, well, pretty much everything by storm this year. A true pop culture phenomenon came to life. I think you’ll see more Squid Game masks this year than Purge masks for the past eight years combined. If you’re like me, and hate wearing masks, a participant also makes for a great, cheap costume. Head up to the thrift store, find a teal like colored jumpsuit and call it a day.

Photo: Netflix

Bernie Sanders became one of the most popular memes of 2021. The “Inauguration Day” meme is another easy and cheap costume. You probably have the articles of clothing needed in a closet between you, your father, and your grandfather. 

Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has once again struck gold with a series of all new television shows and a couple of movies. While costumes like Falcon, Winter Soldier, and pretty much any animated “What If?” character may be a little more expensive or impractical, there are tons that can be done. 

Apart from the gray, I’m sure 1950s Wanda and Vision will be huge among couples. The different types of Lokis could literally be endless.  

Photo: Disney+

For whatever silly reason it may be, people enjoy the television show Friends. For whatever silly reason it may be, HBO Max decided to reboot the show for a comedic documentary. I don’t understand the hype, but people eat this shit up. I’m sure no matter what bar or party you decide to attend on Halloween, you’ll be seeing Ross and Rachael there. Every time you hear “We were on a break!”, try and drown out the stupidity with a shot. It’s a fun drinking game to go along with Halloween.

Photo: HBO Max

Unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs, have finally been confirmed by our United States government. As far as alien or tin foil hat costumes go, I can’t imagine seeing too many of them, but it would be different, and one hell of a conversation starter of a costume. Tom DeLonge has been waiting his entire life for this and I think he will be sporting the ol’ extraterrestrial creature this Halloween.

Pokémon has regained popularity over the past few years with Pokémon GO and now having reached its 25th anniversary, nostalgia is at an all-time high. Weeaboos and children will be all over Pokémon related costumes this year, but I wouldn’t draw the line there. I may or may not have seen some “sexy” Pikachu and Team Rocket costumes in past years.

Have a safe and fun Halloween and let us know or send us a picture of the costume you’ll be rocking this year at @OnTapSportsNet!

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