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First Look: New Teaser Trailer For Halo TV Series

Finally, a teaser for the new Halo TV series is here!

Halo TV Series Paramount+
Photo: Paramount+

Halo fans around the world rejoice! We’ve long awaited a live-action adaptation of the Halo franchise on the big screen. While ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ was well done, it didn’t satiate the desire for more. Finally, we’ve got a first look at the new teaser trailer for Halo in a TV series format. Potentially, a multi-episode series can do justice far better than a two-hour film.

Master Chief

This teaser is short but oh so sweet. It doesn’t tell us much other than show us the Master Chief, Spartan 117, or as some of us much more personal would call him: John.

Master Chief and Cortana will be in the show. Realistically, we don’t know if the show will be centered around them or not. Personally speaking, I don’t care. They’re involved and we’re going to see Spartan 117 in full action!

The Halo series is coming exclusively to Paramount+ in 2022. I think I speak for all Halo fans in saying this is extremely exciting and welcome news. We don’t yet know what the storyline will be, and it’s doubtful that anyone, producers included, wants to see a live-action rehashing of the original trilogy. We’ve seen and played that already.

It’s likely this series will dip into the lore a bit more and take some inspiration from the plethora of novels set in the Halo universe. Whatever it is, I’m pumped for it and you should be too!

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