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Official: HOOK Signs with AEW

Team Taz is officially the most dangerous group in AEW. HOOK has officially been SENT after making a major statement on AEW Rampage.

HOOK AEW All Elite Wrestling
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Memes aside, a budding star was born on the December 10, 2021, edition of AEW Rampage. The fans have been waiting for HOOK to make his in-ring debut since he arrived back on December 16, 2020.

During that year, fans started to get behind some of the small things that he did. He never really said a word but got involved from time to time. How fitting that nearly a year later he would have his first official match on TV.

Let’s just say he surprised many in the crowd and those watching around the world. No one knew just what his style would be, as fans wondered if it would resemble that of his father Taz or a bit more of a mixture of styles.

We learned quickly that he had a great mix of technical and mixed martial arts. But old-school fans could respect how he finished off his first AEW match. That was with his father’s old submission finisher, Tazmission, but Taz announced while on commentary that it is renamed to REDRUM.

Shortly after his match finished, Tony Khan put out the official announcement that HOOK is ALL ELITE. The future is bright for this second-generation wrestler.

So Taz truly did SEND HOOK on Rampage, but what does that mean for the rest of the roster? The first man that will need to watch out will be Dante Martin. The rest of the roster could be in for some hard times with how dangerous this group is with HOOK now showing how deadly he can be.

Stay tuned here at On Tap Sports Net for further coverage as the drama unfolds.

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