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Beer Review: Soundgrowler Brewing Co. – Plasm

This hazy pale ale has a nice and surprisingly smooth taste.

Soundgrowler Brewing Co. Plasm Beer
Photo: Pat Boadway/On Tap Sports Net

When I first looked at Plasm by Soundgrowler Brewing Co., I didn’t know what to expect. It has cool can artwork with a heavy metal-looking font, and it’s a hazy pale ale. I felt like I was about to crack open an Iron Maiden album. Sounds interesting right? Well as it turns out, the metal font is a bit of a theme at Soundgrowler.

I’ve never been to Soundgrowler Brewing Co. and their restaurant in Tinley Park, but everyone I know who has tells me how great their tacos are. They say there’s nothing better than listening to heavy metal, eating superb tacos, and of course drinking!

Plasm Soundgrowler Brewing Co.

Taste and Critique

Upon the first pour, I expected this beer to be very bitter. I know you can’t judge a book beer by its cover color, but for some reason I did. It didn’t stop me from trying it, of course, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a huge fan of super bitter pale ales and this one did not disappoint in the least.

Plasm has a modest 35 IBU rating and sports a 5.2% ABV. Soundgrowler describes the taste as notes of strawberry, orange, lime, red currant, and jasmine. I agree with that assessment and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The taste was great and bitterly fruity — but not too overpowering — and I could easily drink two or three in one sitting with no problem.

You can check out Soundgrowler Brewing Co. in Tinley Park, IL. at 8201 183rd Street, Suite P. Happy drinking!

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