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Who Really Wants To Coach The Bears If Ryan Pace Is Still in Chicago?

The Bears continue to annoy their fanbase with ridiculous decisions.

Chicago Bears Ryan Pace
Photo: Tim Boyle/Chicago Sun-Times via AP

Why is Ryan Pace still here and why does the McCaskey family insist on doing it their way? The Chicago Bears don’t embody that of a successful and well-run organization. According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, many around the NFL believe that Ryan Pace will actually be promoted after this season. It’s likely he would take over the combined roles of George McCaskey and Ted Phillips. Then, Pace would hire a new general manager to fill his vacant position.

This is a maddening development for Chicago Bears fans. How can Ryan Pace continuously fail and get rewarded for it? The Bears haven’t won a playoff game under Pace. They haven’t had a successful offensive season with Pace making decisions. He brought in Matt Nagy to groom the offense and the quarterback but that was a failure.

George McCaskey

The general consensus around the league is that the Bears will fire Matt Nagy after the final game of the season. His offense hasn’t worked and George McCaskey can’t be pleased with the team lately. Does George actually know what he wants though? It’s hard for me to believe that someone who’s spent most of his life around this sport has so little knowledge of how it works, but that’s what seems to be at play when evaluating the Bears organization.

Ted Phillips George McCaskey Bears
Photo: Chicago Tribune

George needs to get Ted Phillips as far away from football operations as humanly possible and his answer is to promote Ryan Pace to the role, allegedly. It doesn’t make any sense and it further promotes ineptitude in the Bears’ front office. Maybe George needs to put some distance between himself and his “beloved” Bears.

Who Will Be The Chicago Bears’ Next Head Coach?

We don’t know the fate of Matt Nagy yet but it’s widely assumed that he’s gone after this season. If he is indeed gone, who will be the Bears’ next head coach? Furthermore, if Ryan Pace is still running the front office, will any big-name head coach want to deal with him?

According to Jarrett Payton, the list of head coaching candidates is quite short if Ryan Pace is still on board in Chicago.

Now, Jarrett Payton isn’t necessarily a highly-touted NFL source, but his presence around the league is well-known and he’s also directly connected to the Chicago Bears. If people are telling him they want nothing to do with the team if Pace is in charge, then it’s worth taking into consideration.

The Matt Nagy experiment was a colossal failure. Ryan Pace has had some success but his overall results are still underwhelming. Ted Phillips’ role in the organization is a damn joke and most Bears fans are probably sick of hearing about him at this point. We’re constantly told that Phillips isn’t involved in football decisions only to hear Ryan Pace say somewhere else that he had to “talk with George and Ted before going through with x,y,z…” and it’s completely contradictory.

This team needs more than a facelift. They need a complete restructure down to the very foundation of running a professional sports team. Hopefully that happens in my lifetime, but I won’t hold my breath. If you don’t expect anything, you can’t be disappointed right? That’s how Bears’ fans should go into every single season from now on until realistic and drastic changes take place.

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13 days ago

Maybe we can finally hire Mickey Mouse because that’s the only coach that would come to the Bears as long as the 3 stooge’s are in the front office

Bill Pigg
Bill Pigg
13 days ago

No BEAR Fan wants to hear this, and I’m a 66 year old BEAR Fan myself, but with the BEARS salary cap what it is, no 1st round or 4th round draft picks in 2022, and Fields already been through his 1st season in Nagy’s offensive system, as bad as it was,
PLUS Rogers will most likely still be dominating our division.
I’m advocating for the BEARS to retain Pace & Nagy for 2022. These 2022 obstacles will surely handcuff any new regime that would take this team on. And I truly don’t believe you’ll get your first, second, or even your third choice in Head Coaches.
Muddle through 2022 so the BEARS can get their salary cap under control, numerous draft picks in 2023 , especially since the BEARS will be bottom feeders again. Plus Fields will be in the same system he came in on. Someone like Fields will grow on his own.
Now you’ve got a situation with plenty of cap space, great draft picks, and a brilliant young QB with experience ready to move our franchise to unseed GB for the NFC NORTH.
Unpopular for sure…but mark my words the field grass is not always greener especially if putting your 4th pick in a HC behind the eight ball for 2022. BEAR DOWN!

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