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What’s the McCaskey Succession Plan for the Bears?

Do the Bears have a plan for life after George? Through a little digging, it appears that Ed McCaskey Jr. might be the next in line.

George McCaskey Chicago Bears
Photo: Kamil Krzaczynski/Chicago Tribune

If the McCaskeys truly intend to own the Chicago Bears until the “second coming”, who is next in line after George? Is there a young McCaskey getting on-the-job training? Or will the Bears be reaching out to Bill Polian’s kids for help someday?

Look at other NFL franchises and how they have set up their succession plans.

  • Cowboys: Steven Jones
  • Steelers: Art Rooney II
  • Giants: John Mara
  • Bengals: Katie Blackburn
  • Patriots: Jonathan Kraft

The names on this list have all been, or are currently being groomed to run their respective football franchises for years. Mugs Halas was groomed for that role with the Bears before his unfortunate and sudden death. So, Bears, who is next?

George McCaskey is not exactly Logan Roy. Should we be expecting a smooth and teeth-less transition (i.e. Gerri Kellman) or a wild ride that makes you scared to look at your phone (i.e. Roman Roy)?

Following the Corporate Structure

While there are a few McCaskeys employed by the Bears organization, they all seem to be somehwat close to George in age. Rich McCaskey works in administration. Brian and Patrick McCaskey are VP’s. George is Chairman. Those are the only McCaskeys noted on the Bears website outside of the Board of Directors, and none of them seem to represent a logical answer to be next in charge.

The three McCaskeys working in Bears Operations.

However, the Board of Directors includes Ed McCaskey Jr., who appears to be Patrick’s son. That would make him Virginia’s grandson, and George Halas’ great grandson. Ed Jr. seems to be in his mid-30s, but information online is somewhat limited.

Who is Ed McCaskey Jr.?

Ed Jr. worked as a Bears ball boy during four summers as a kid and later served as an NFL intern for four months after high school. Once the internship ended, he attended Wheaton College where he played baseball. After graduating, he worked in sports marketing (minor league baseball) for five to six years. Over the past six years, Ed has worked in finance.

Ed Jr. in college (2006-2009)

Before attending Wheaton College, Ed Jr. was one of his high school team’s best pitchers during his senior year. In high school, he played four years of baseball, three years of basketball, and two years of football. He focused on baseball as an upperclassman, joking that he was “not bred for football glory” due to his smaller stature.

Ed Jr.’s inclusion on the board appears to signal that he is next in line, as far as I can tell. Perhaps he will be capable of evaluating football performance someday? I just hope that he is in the room with Bill Polian & co. The Bears will eventually need Ed Jr. to be better than the examples that have been set before him.

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5 days ago

The Ed McCaskey Jr. on the Bears’ board of directors is not the same as the one you wrote about. See page 4 of the team’s media guide:

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