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Beer Review: Untitled Art – Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode

It’s like drinking pie in a glass. Sign me up.

Untitled Art Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode
Photo: Pat Boadway/On Tap Sports Net

I didn’t really know what to expect from Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode by Untitled Art. I hadn’t heard of it but it sounded interesting. This beer is a Berliner Weisse-style ale with blackberry puree, pie crust, and cinnamon. I’ve become a big fan of fruit or dessert-inspired beer, so this immediately grabbed my attention.

Blackberry A La Mode Untitled Art Beer

This one was a surprise. The sour taste in this beer was shockingly subtle. Blackberry A La Mode tastes very much like dessert in a glass. It pours a thick and vibrant purple color that tastes like pie-filling. Additionally, a 6.5% ABV is placed well in this four-pack.

Untitled Art’s Brewing Partners

Untitled Art is a fascinating company. They collaborate with different brewers like MORE Brewing Company from Villa Park, for example, and visual artists to create truly unique items. They’ve worked on many beer varieties as well as different products entirely such as seltzers and wine spritz.

I enjoyed Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode and am thoroughly impressed by Untitled Art. I will absolutely keep it in my rotation of sours, but this might be the first sour I could enjoy year-round.

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