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Blackhawks Owner Rocky Wirtz Has Massive Outburst After Reporters Ask Tough Questions

The Blackhawks owner just set the franchise back in a huge way.

Rocky Wirtz Chicago Blackhawks owner Town Hall Outburst
Photo: Chicago Blackhawks/YouTube

The Chicago Blackhawks hosted a town hall meeting today to discuss the state of the team. As usual, Rocky and Danny Wirtz led the way. For such a long time, Rocky Wirtz has been one of the best owners in sports. He always came across as a friendly professional and had a massive desire to win. The Blackhawks did plenty of winning too, bringing home three Stanley Cups in six years. But now it appears that Rocky is not handling adversity very well. What once was a staple of professional sports organizations is quickly becoming a farce due to scandals and the handling of them.

During Wednesday’s session, Mark Lazerus of The Athletic asked Danny Wirtz about looking at the past to better their future, referencing the organization’s sexual assault scandal. Before Danny could answer, his father stepped in and abruptly refused to talk about the sexual assault allegations the Blackhawks have been dealing with lately. You can read the entire exchange below.

Lazerus is pretty well known for asking tough questions and it’s quite understandable that Rocky Wirtz is sick of answering questions about the scandal. However, it’s not that easy. The team doesn’t get to just settle multiple lawsuits and then sweep everything under the rug. Rocky’s response to the question was unprofessional, to say the least.

Can Rocky Wirtz and the Blackhawks Regain Credibility?

The Chicago Blackhawks have a lot of work left to do in order to get their organization back to a respectable status. It’s going to take time and effort, but this outburst from their once highly-respected owner just set them back. It’s truly unfortunate that it happened like this.

If you watch the session on the Blackhawks YouTube channel, the exchange begins at right around the 34-minute mark. You can feel the tension in the room and see the shocked look on not only Danny’s face but also Eddie Olczyk’s.

The utter shock when Rocky erupted in an unusual fashion was palpable and Mark Lazerus reacted perfectly by responding “You said enough right there,” because it’s true. Wirtz made a complete fool of himself to think the Blackhawks would circumvent themselves from this situation that easily.

Where does the organization go from here? How does Rocky repair everything he just took a chisel to and regain the respect of the public? The Chicago Blackhawks are in bad shape and their owner just dug their hole even deeper.

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