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Stroman: “Manclown” and Boys Need to Stop Ruining Baseball

Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman speaks for many players and fans. He wants Rob Manfred and the owners to get it together and end the lockout.

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One thing Chicago Cubs fans are becoming accustomed to, if they weren’t already, is that Marcus Stroman has no problem speaking his mind. On Monday, Stroman quoted a tweet on Twitter saying, “Manclown (Rob Manfred) and his boys need to figure it out and stop ruining the game of baseball.”

As noted in the original Sports Illustrated tweet, the MLB season is less likely than ever to start on time. In 2020, the league lost 102 games due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in 2022, the league is prepared to lose more games over the CBA discussions. This is a time that baseball needs to be improving and trying to grow the game, not losing games and moving in the other direction.

It’s safe to believe that every baseball player and fan agrees with Stroman. This is the time that the league needs to compromise with its players. Yes, the owners run the league. However, without the players, they would not make the money they do from their respective franchises. Now is a time when the league needs to bend and take negotiations seriously. If they continue to drag this out, baseball might not start until mid-summer.

Naturally, there will be a portion of fans who think Stroman should keep his mouth shut. However, those fans need to hush themselves. The players want a season and the fans want a season. The owners on the other hand seem like they don’t care if there is a season. They would rather “win” and hold their stance on the CBA negotiations than have a season. Manfred is a representative of the owners as commissioner. That side of the bargaining table needs to figure things out, otherwise baseball in the near and long-term is in question.

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