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Should The Chicago Bulls Look Into Marvin Bagley?

Should the Chicago Bulls call the Sacramento Kings to discuss acquiring forward Marvin Bagley in exchange for Coby White?

Marvin Bagley Chicago Bulls Sacramento Kings NBA Trade Deadline

The Chicago Bulls should be the franchise that frees Marvin Bagley from Sacramento. News has been circulating for months about the marriage being turbulent between the Kings and Bagley. The 6-foot-11 forward out of Duke has not been able to reach his potential with the Kings and a change of scenery is needed before the NBA trade deadline.

Marvin Bagley

It wasn’t long ago that Marvin Bagley was the second pick of the 2018 NBA Draft. Bagley possesses an above-average offensive game and a knack for grabbing rebounds. This is where it gets interesting. The Kings want to move on from Bagley since the two sides failed to reach a contract extension on his rookie deal. Basically, by the Kings sitting Bagley this year, they hurt his trade value. They also hurt his chances of earning the payday he was looking for.

Now, since his relationship with the Kings has been turbulent, the Chicago Bulls should look into the big man. He has 148 games of NBA experience and he fills a need for the Bulls with his size. Bagley is averaging 11.8 rebounds per 36 minutes. He has a soft touch around the rim and his size can help contest penetration at the rim. He may not be an elite defender, but his length can make up for that.

What would it take to land Bagley if the Bulls decide to trade for him? I found a possibility on the trade machine that I think works out pretty well. The Bulls would send Troy Brown Jr., Coby White, and Portland’s protected first-round pick.

NBA trade deadline Marvin Bagley Coby White

Portland’s first-round pick will be stuck in limbo due to it being lottery-protected. The Trail Blazers appear to be selling and won’t make the playoffs. They will likely end up keeping that pick. Troy Brown Jr. is just a causality I threw into this deal. The main piece of the deal is Coby White. The reason I made White expendable is because of the rise of Ayo Dosunmu. Once Alex Caruso and Lonzo Ball return from their respective injuries, the Bulls will have a log jam at the guard positions. So, if the Bulls can capitalize off the value White possesses, why not try it? The Bulls likely won’t extend him due to already paying Ball and Caruso.

I have no earthly idea if Marvin Bagley would look good on the court with the Bulls. But I’ll tell you one thing, it looks great on paper. Bringing in a 22-year-old big-man with something to prove could really help the Chicago Bulls in their playoff run. It’s fun to think and debate about. The NBA trade deadline on Feb. 10 cannot come soon enough.

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Sky Grey
Sky Grey
6 months ago

I have been thinking he would be a good fit for a while. The Kings just suck, I mean they are the Golden State and NJ Nets of the modern era. In other words they are bad and they keep getting high draft picks and then turning them into mush. Bagley was great in college, and I always thought his game would translate to the NBA. Anyone who can’t admit the Bulls need size is nuts. They are going to keep getting killed by 76ers and Bucks and Heat until they get more interior size. They are having a great season but most nights they get killed on the boards and killed on the points in the paint. I know they thought PWill would be the guy at PF (and he still may) but even with him they are undersized. If they don’t get more paint presence, they won’t get past the 2nd round. Colby is playing better this year, making plays and less dumb turnovers, but he is still a streaky shooter and while he is more engaged on D, he just isn’t good. Too slim, no length, gambles too much for his lack of instinct. Lastly…..why do people think the Bulls couldn’t play two bigs sometimes? Vuch is super skilled and can shoot. He could likely play some PF if you had a paint dominate big like Bagley. If Cleveland can start 3 7′ guys and make it work why can’t the Bulls play two bigs with Zach, Demar, and Ball? I just don’t think they should give up too much for a rescue project with an expiring contract, unless they think they want to keep him beyond a rental.

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