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Best Dibs From Early February Snowstorm

Every major snowstorm means incredible usage of objects to call dibs on parking spots. Here are Chicago’s best from early February.

Chicago Dibs
Photo: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

Chicago has one of the best unwritten traditions for the wintertime: “Dibs”. Living in Chicago means snowstorms are more than an annual occurrence. One of the worst feelings after the storm is coming out and seeing your car buried in snow and blocked in by the spoils the city plow left behind. Storms producing at least six inches of snow means shoveling could be a time consuming ordeal. People leave their spots for whatever reason and come back only to find someone else took the clean spot, leaving them to shovel out another spot which sucks.

To combat the aforementioned issues, residents put the most random items in their shoveled-out space. This is called a ”dibs”. These items can be chairs, card tables, cones, etc.

If you move one of these items in a spot you didn’t shovel, you are viewed as the neighborhood asshole. You’ll be sure to come back to your car covered in a snow pile. The person you are messing with probably lives right by you.

For more on Dibs, Chicago’s favorite Urban Historian, Sherman ‘Dilla’ Thomas gives a great brief history behind “Dibs”:

Here is the first edition of Best Chicago Dibs from last year.

Lori Dibs – “Lori Dibsfoot”

The mayor can shut down the lakefront and even lock down your parking spot.

Carjacking Dibs – “Here’s What Happens When You Ignore Dibs” Dibs

No car is safe, even in the game of dibs.

Cereal Asile Dibs

This is what happens when you let the kids pick your dibs.

Tickle The Ivories Dibs

Great option for those who have given up on their music career. Just hope Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder doesn’t try to park in your spot.

The Dark Side Dibs

Solid option if you want a choke hold on your spot.

Microwave Dibs

This method will have your spot ready in an instant.

John Cena Dibs – “You BETTER See Me” Dibs

The way to always be prepared from the top rope.

The Cheater – “F*@ked Around and Found Out” Dibs

You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Bonus: Best Snow Creation

Snoopy does “chillin’“ the Chicago way!

Despite the incredible sight that these dibs are, the city is vowing to take them away by the end of this week. If you want to see the best dibs Chicago has to offer, you better get out there now and go see them!

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