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Beer Review: Oskar Blues – Double Dale’s

Double Dale’s is pretty much the same thing as Dale’s Pale Ale but a little more amped up.

Oskar Blues Double Dale's Beer Review
Photo: Jim Sramek/On Tap Sports Net

One of the OGs of the pale ale game was Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues. At least in my world, I think that’s pretty true. That beer has been around forever and always hits the spot. When I was first getting into craft beers 10 years ago, that was one of my absolute go-to’s. Well, I recently just stumbled across a major surprise in Double Dale’s.

The brand new release is an American double IPA sporting a hefty 9% ABV. I knew right then and there I just had to have her.

Cracking open the first beer brought me back to all of the old-school type IPAs that I fell in love with. It’s clean, crisp, straight bitter, and has a hoppy flavor with a mild booziness to pair with the strong ABV.

If you enjoyed the classic Dale’s Pale Ale, you should definitely give Double Dale’s a try. It’s pretty much the same thing but a little more amped up. The bonus with this one is it was only $10.99 for a six-pack! It seems as though Oskar Blues intends to have this one available year-round, so I might have found one of my new go-to’s.

Happy Drinking!

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