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Breaking: Cody Rhodes is Moving On from AEW

Cody and Brandi Rhodes are leaving AEW. Could a return to WWE be in their future plans?

Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW Brandi
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

In a shocking development this morning, Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes are moving on from AEW. All three parties involved released statements on the matter, but the situation still leaves many fans confused. Is this real life?

Or are we being “worked?” Well, according to Sean Ross Sapp of, the departure is real. For a few weeks, Cody has been working on a handshake deal. Now, Cody and Brandi are walking away from the company they helped build.

But what does that mean for the future? Cody could easily be in talks with WWE, which would be a major move for him and Brandi. Some will say this looks bad on AEW, but the civility of the messaging indicates otherwise. They could simply be doing what is right financially for their family, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Others may say that Cody just thinks he is bigger than he is. Well… that could be true too.

At times, Cody does give off a bit of an egotistical vibe. But the major question remains: what would a return to WWE look like? Will he have the control he was always looking for along with big-time money? He would surely be at a top spot in the company, but what will stop WWE from dropping him back to the bottom all over again? This would be a major signing for WWE to help gain some more momentum. But it could be the right move for both companies in the end.

Where will this lead Brandi? She was seemingly just starting a feud with Paige VanZant, so that will be dropped in AEW. Surely no one will be upset about that. But if she and Cody return to WWE, what will she do? She probably just stay at home at this point, but that won’t likely be the case. She seems like the type that would want to return to the ring again. Most likely, she would be looking for a top spot as well.

With so many lingering questions remaining, keep your eyes peeled. This tale is definitely not over and further developments could emerge later today.

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