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Stranger Things Announces Season 4 Release Date, Extends to 5th Season

The end is nigh but not as close as you may think.

Stranger Things Netflix Season 4 release date final season
Photo: Netflix

When we last left Hawkins, Indiana, the Byers family was saying goodbye. At the time, it appeared that Stranger Things reached the beginning of the end. However, we now know that the beginning of the end really is here but it will take a little longer to explain than one final season. Netflix has strung us along for two years — blame the pandemic — but finally, we know the Season 4 release date, and the fate of the strangest characters we love is nearly upon us.

Season 4 Release Date

Netflix announced that Stranger Things Season 4 will release in two parts in 2022. The first part drops on May 27 with part two on July 1.

Stranger Things Netflix season 4 release date final season
Photo: Stranger_Things/Twitter

The poster looks cool. It’s split in four ways and it shows all different angles of attacking the Shadow Monster. It looks like it’s going to take a lot more than just a small suburban town in the midwest to take down the evil lurking inter-dimensionally. The poster also gives us a sneak peek at what looks to be Hopper alive and well in the bottom right corner.

The showrunners also took to Twitter stating that they are the proudest of this season. They’ve shown several posters with different characters and locations, some familiar and some new ones as well. It’s likely that we’ll see more of Russia in this season, especially after the connection strengthened in Season 3. It has taken a ton of work and navigating around the pandemic to bring this season to light. Furthermore, in an open letter to fans, they describe the release of the two volumes to be the best option to get us the new season as quickly as possible.

Stranger Things season 4 two parts two volumes Netflix
Photo: Stranger_Things/Twitter

The Fifth Season Is Final

That’s right, there will be a fifth season of Stranger Things to wrap up the story. When speculation arose surrounding the end of the hit Netflix series, fans everywhere were under the impression that the fourth season would be it. Now that the show is confirmed for a fifth and final season, fans rejoice!

There is much more of the story to tell in Hawkins and Netflix struck gold with Stranger Things. Letting a smash hit like that dissolve after only four seasons would be disappointing, to say the least. With only a few months left of waiting to see what happens to our favorite youthful hooligans, the tension is as tight as the wire holding up the upsidedown.

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