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Jeff Van Gundy Doesn’t Believe In The Chicago Bulls

Van Gundy believes the Bulls have “overachieved” to this point, but he doesn’t seem to acknowledge the adversity they’ve faced.

Jeff Van Gundy Chicago Bulls
Photo: The Sporting News

Well, color me shocked… not! ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy recently appeared on The Lowe Post podcast and said the Chicago Bulls have “overachieved” this season. Well, considering where most analysts predicted the Bulls to finish, you could say they overachieved. But Van Gundy piled on further, saying he doesn’t think Chicago is as good as the Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? No team in the NBA has dealt with the level of adversity the Bulls have faced in 2021-22. The Bulls lost their starting power forward five games into the season, had every one of their players enter COVID Protocols, and are still dealing with a plethora of injuries to starters and key rotational players. Mind you, while navigating those tumultuous times, they still remained in first place in the Eastern Conference for a majority of the season.

At one point, the Bulls were in the top 10 of offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency. Obviously, all of the injuries and missed time derailed that. The fact of the matter is, how could one say they aren’t as good as those other teams? The league hasn’t even seen this year’s Bulls team at full strength for an extended period of time.

As things currently stand, the Bulls hold the second spot in the Eastern Conference. They expect to get Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, and Patrick Williams back by mid-May. Though the schedule over the last 23 games is difficult, the Bulls still aren’t an easy out. It’s typical, to say the least.

The Bulls have been doubted since the jump. Many deemed DeMar DeRozan the worst free-agent signing of the offseason, and look at him now. He’s a legitimate MVP candidate. Media members watching from afar, such as Van Gundy, quickly forget how good this team is because they haven’t been healthy in a long time. Once the Bulls get their key players back and start continue winning, maybe Van Gundy will change his tone.

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Sky Grey
Sky Grey
5 months ago

Huge Bulls fan since forever and I am not saying he is wrong. 76ers were the number one seed last year and even with the Simmons mess, they have still stayed at the top of the standings and Embid is a total beast that no one really has an answer for, if they get the under control, inspired Harden they will be tough. The Bucks are the defending champs started slow and with injuries but are led by an MVP and most of their core is now healthy. The Nets are the ones I question. They are not a top team without Durant. Kyre is still a 50% player and Simmons is going to have to get into game shape and up to speed. The Heat were in finals in the bubble and have added Lowry since. So this is really not a shock. The way sports works is the Bulls are the new kids (winning wise) on the block and they are going to have to beat and climb over these other teams before they can be considered better. Given the last 5yrs and all the sucking the Bulls have had, this year is a pleasure. This is a solid team, well constructed as evidenced by the fact that they are top of the conference even with all the challenges. They are fun to watch and they bring energy and enthusiasm every game. Certainly the guys they have coming back will make a difference and so will adding Tristan. They have the toughest schedule remaing so if they win the East by all rights they will have earned it.

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